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Clover® Go

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is the go-to provider for quality POS solutions for small business. Our business model involves recognizing the fact that small businesses do not want to spend on fancy point of sale systems, but still need POS systems which function seamlessly and conveniently. In this regard, we definitely recommend Clover® Go, a stellar Mobile Credit Card Reader that marries convenience and functionality in one pretty package.

Clover® Go Is Highly Versatile for Processing Payments

While companies running older point of sale systems are limited with their payment choices, this is nothing to worry about when you have Clover® Go. With Clover® Go, you can accept virtually all new and upcoming methods of payment including:

  • Swiping magnetic credit cards
  • Using chipped credit cards
  • Mobile payments using NFC technology
  • Online wallet systems

The best thing about it is that to accept and use these and more forms of payment, you don’t need to pay an extra dime in hardware. The system comes prepackaged with all you need to accept payment methods that are new, but becoming more popular by the day.

Clover® Go Comes with Infinite Customization Options

Scalability is a major issue for many small businesses at some point. When you have an excellent marketing strategy and sell a product or service in high demand, you will definitely see growth in your business. While this might be a good thing, the fact that you need to handle more commerce might make it a headache for some. This is not the case when you use Clover® Go. All forms of scalability are easily achieved when Clover® Go is used due to the following features:

  • The ease of installing new apps on the device specifically for scalability
  • Clover devices use cloud technology, so data can be integrated even if collected on a large scale
  • Clover® Go and other Clover devices are compatible with each other. If you have two stores which have different Clover POS systems, linking them up would be no problem at all
  • You have access to numerous apps and other solutions to deal with increasing amounts of financial data

Investing in Clover® Go means that you never need to worry when your business expands.

Clover® Go Keeps All Your Data Secure

Customers are more likely to trust the businesses they interact with if they are sure that their data will be safe with them, and this is something that Clover® Go excels at. Using multiple levels of security, Clover® Go ensures that the risk of sensitive financial data falling in the wrong hands is eliminated. The goal is to protect both your business and your customers. Some of the features present in Clover® Go include:

  • The use of high end SSL encryption for data transfer
  • Easy, regular system updates
  • Multiple levels of protection for cardholder information
  • System designed to reduce the risk of third party intrusion during transactions

With all these features in place, your clients will definitely be at peace when making any payment transactions with you.

If you are interested in using Clover® Go or want to find out more about its features, simply contact us today. We will be able to perform a live POS demonstration in the Tri-State area so that you can see the brilliance of Clover® Go right before your eyes!