How To Choose A Restaurant POS In 2021

How To Choose A Restaurant POS In 2021

The days when restaurants relied on notepads and mnemonics to take orders are over. Today, point of sale systems are gaining traction in the industry with an increasing number of restaurants employing one for their operations. POS systems are known for their countless capabilities which offer benefits to both staff and customers. If you are ready to get on the bandwagon, continue reading to learn the factors to consider when choosing a restaurant POS in 2021.

POS Software Quality

It is a good idea to perform some online research prior to selecting the POS system for your restaurant. Check out online reviews to determine the features of each POS system which will work for your restaurant. Ensure the system that you decide to invest in is programmed with the latest software which will not involve any setbacks in the future. Apart from the software itself, check whether the system comes with highly responsive local support that is available during work hours.

Offline System

Using a POS system that will only work online may cause a lot of trouble especially if your restaurant does not have a wired internet connection. Inquire with the system provider if their POS system works just fine offline. It may get chaotic should the POS system fail during peak hours where plenty of orders are to be sent to the kitchen.

Speedy Interface

If you expect heavy foot traffic during lunch hour or in the evenings, having a POS system that works on a slow or lagging interface can slow your operations down. Ensure that you only choose a POS system with a speedy interface that offers fast payment processing at all times.

Integration with Delivery Platforms

In view of the current global pandemic situation, more customers prefer to order in especially at certain areas where stay-at-home measures have been enforced. Thus, it is important that the POS system you choose can easily integrate with different delivery platforms. This can simultaneously help to increase business prospects for your restaurant.

Pay at the Table

One of the most frustrating moments for customers at a restaurant is when they have to make payment at the counter which may be time-consuming. Pick a POS system that offers a function for customers to pay at the table for convenience.

Contactless Environment

Due to the COVID-19 situation, many customers prefer to make payment in a contactless environment whenever possible. Some may not even allow cashiers to touch their debit or credit cards whereas others may not want to touch the number pad of the POS system. Inquire with the system provider if their POS system offers a tap or scan function without needing any PIN or a QR code feature which lets customers make payment using their phones.

User-Friendly Interface

It is important to test the system interface to know whether it is user-friendly not just for your staff but for your customers too. Attend a product demonstration if you must in order to gain a hands-on experience of the whole system.