POS Systems

A Point of Sale or POS system consists of a computerized network operated by a main computer and linked to several check terminals. The role of the software program is to allow you to manage inventory right at the cash register. Because it records each sale, your inventory’s status is always up to date.


Our POS systems help you gain better control of your business

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we provide a wide variety of innovative POS systems in the Tri-State area and throughout the United States. In addition to tracking the usage and monitoring changes in unit dollar costs, our POS system solutions also allow merchants to:

  • Calculate reorders
  • Analyze inventory levels
  • Keep track of the inventory on an item-by-item basis
  • Explore sales data
  • Have complete control over cash receipts and prevent theft
  • Determine how individual items sell so you can adjust purchases accordingly
  • Maintain sales history and make better decisions when ordering seasonal items
  • Improve pricing for the items in your inventory
  • Integrate credit card authorization and bar-code scanners seamlessly
  • Receive special reports about sales at a given hour and time of the year
  • Enjoy the support from tax rates, simplifying the operations of a mail order business

Our highly recommended POS systems

Managing your inventory is not only one of the most labor intensive and time consuming activities for a merchant, but it’s also a critical task that contributes to the success of your business. If you’re looking for an efficient POS software program to help slice and dice inventory and cash flow data in a wide variety of ways, you should check out some of our favorite systems:

Available in a sleek brushed aluminum exterior, the Clover Station POS system incorporates a plethora of practical functions and options to allow you to run your operations smoothly. If you seek a simple yet effective POS solution, this is definitely one of the best products in the market now.

Featuring back-office integration, total connectivity and single point control that allow the cashiers to track payment statuses at all the pumps, the Petroleum System’s Ruby and Ruby 2 from Verifone are designed with advanced functionality that meets the industry’s increasing needs.

Even though it’s an industry-oriented POS system provider, Aldelo is among the top brands to provide restaurants, clubs and bars with a Point of Sale and payment processing software. Delivering world class support services 24/7, Aldelo is an open architecture program compatible with most operating systems available.

From the ability to run sales using discounts to tracking employee hours to receiving a daily summary, there are actually extremely few things Talech POS systems can’t do at this point. The best part about these POS systems is that they receive constant updates and innovative features from its developer.

A big favorite in the hospitality and retail industries, POS systems under the MICROS brand are well recognized for their comprehensive on-demand reporting capabilities. Regardless whether you are running a small bar or a sprawling retail shop, it’s hard to say no to MICROS POS systems.

Arguably the King of POS systems for high end restaurants, Squirrel comes as a fully-integrated platform combining hardware with software equally matched with reliable support services to help you with your business operations. If you want to go premium, you can’t go wrong with Squirrel.

For those running single unit independent restaurants to national chain restaurants, if you want to get your profit growth on a fast track, Aloha POS system is your best bet. This product is extremely intuitive to use and offers lots of other powerful features hidden within.

Seek industry-specific customization features? We’ve got you covered!

We understand that every business is unique and that each industry has specific requirements. Because off-the-shelf POS systems do not always meet the strict demands and preferences of your company, Nationwide Merchant Solutions offers industry-specific packages. In fact, our team can even make exclusive changes so that the POS system is tailored to your precise specifications and needs.

Call us today for a local POS demonstration (Tri-State area only) and see the difference it can make for your business!