Clover® Mini

Running a small business using cutting-edge technology can be challenging at times, but you will never regret making this tech investment that pays off itself in the long run. At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we are here to help small merchants like you make the best POS choices. For a future-proof point of sale solution for your business, we recommend the Clover® Mini system for both established and new startups.

Clover® Mini’s Tiny Footprint Belies Its Abilities

The Clover® Mini system has a small footprint, which has many benefits including making the aesthetics of your establishment better. However, this form factor does not equate to reduced capability. The Clover® Mini provides all-in-one merchant solution systems for both swipe and contactless payment. In essence, it has the functions of a regular POS system, but upgraded and futureproofed to accommodate the changing payment methods expected in the short to medium term future. Some of the advantages of switching to the Clover® Mini system include:

  • Accepts all kinds of payments including magnetic and chip cards
  • Allows setup of inbuilt loyalty programs
  • Simplifies bookkeeping and associated business processes, such as filing tax returns
  • Keeps all the information safe, with features such as in-built fraud protection systems
  • Cloud-based means that you can access its information from anywhere around the world
  • Allows data manipulation to turn it into meaningful information for different scenarios
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

Clover® Mini Can Be Easily Integrated into Your Business

We understand that the way you do business is not likely the way many other businesses, even in the same industry, do it. This is why the Clover® Mini has been designed with easy customization options in mind. The idea is that once you buy the Clover® Mini, set-up will be a breeze with our experienced technicians, and you will end up with a point of sale system tailored for your business. This can be important in various scenarios:

  • When changing your business strategy and effecting a change in POS policy, you can quickly modify the Clover® Mini settings in minutes.
  • The simple functionality and ease of use of the Clover® Mini allows for easy scaling for your business operations. If you see your business growing in future, don’t worry; you won’t need to upgrade your POS system to handle the increased demand.
  • Easy addition of POS components and capabilities

Clover® Mini Takes Multitasking to a Whole New Level

The Clover® Mini system is easily customizable with apps that can handle a seemingly infinite number of needs as far as POS systems are concerned. These include inventory, accounting, gift card processing and any other business needs. Make no mistake though, although it’s termed Clover® Mini, its large touchscreen interface will help you multitask with ease.

If you are interested to find out more about the Clover® Mini system, feel free to contact us today. Our customer care staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can also arrange for a local POS demonstration (Tri-State area only) where our sales representative will demonstrate the capabilities of Clover® Mini and explain how this POS system can fit right into your business.