Petroleum System

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we fully acknowledge that today’s convenience stores and gas stations are facing a new and unique set of challenges. With more items and additional programs to account for, utilizing a reliable Point of Sale (POS) system to bring it all together will certainly help you run your business smoothly and more efficiently.

Irrespective of the size of your c-store or gas station, we can provide you with complete software and hardware solutions to help you simplify your operations. Verifone’s Petroleum System constitutes a secure payment solution that grants you the flexibility and easy-to-use factors required for fuel and convenience store’s POS systems.

Why choose Petroleum System?

Ruby and Ruby2 are two innovative POS systems that ensure fast and efficient order tracking as well as payment processing. Some of the benefits gas stations and c-stores can enjoy by switching to Verifone’s systems include:

  • A reliable payment processing tool with high uptime
  • The systems are designed to account for your business future needs
  • Durable hardware suitable for heavy usage and outdoor environments
  • The sleek touch screen ensures more counter space
  • Features complete inventory management solutions
  • Allows wireless payments and integration with back office operations
  • Permits unattended POS payments (a particularly useful feature for gas stations)
  • Incorporates a wide array of data analysis and reporting tools

Verifone’s POS system comes with enhanced security features

Given the nature of convenience stores and fuel stations, we can guarantee this POS system comes with the latest security features in the industry. The most noteworthy security elements include:

  • Rugged PIN pads
  • Immediate encryption of the card data
  • Card-based tokenization
  • Feature EMV and NFC options
  • Regular updates and software program management

The Verifone POS systems are compliant with all 14 criteria of the Visa Best Practices. Therefore, you or your staff can verify the security status of all transactions in real time, thus showing your customer your business is able to guarantee the safety of their sensitive data.

Mobile and wireless POS integration

To make the most out of the operations at your gas station or convenience store, you have to ensure that you do not keep your customers waiting in queue. Thanks to the PAYware Mobile Enterprise for smartphones and tablets, you can render your POS system wireless and move your business beyond your four walls.

If you want to learn more about how Verifone’s Petroleum System can add convenience and flexibility into your business operations, don’t hesitate to contact us for a local POS demonstration (available for Tri-State area only). Our professional staff can tell you much more about Ruby, Ruby2 and all the available upgrades for these POS systems!