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Aloha POS System

Being caught up in a mess taking orders and receiving payments during your regular retail business operations is one of the things that have driven us here at Nationwide Merchant Solutions to provide you with the most efficient POS brands to choose from. We want you to get exactly what you need and offer you the peace of mind in your daily operations. This is why we appreciate Aloha as one of the most innovative POS solutions out in the market today.

Aloha is packed with great features to keep your business ahead

Aloha is recognized for creating feature-rich POS hardware and software to meet the needs of both single unit independent restaurants and national chain restaurants. The following components of its POS systems are what we love:

  • Graphical user interface that come with configurable menus, automatic modifiers and lead-through order entry
  • Faster credit card processing for every POS station
  • Reports that include server and total sales, labor costs, product mix, item and category sales as well as speed of service by each wait staff
  • Special built-in software redundancy that minimizes downtime and data loss
  • Multiple login options for each staff with the integration of PIN, card swipe and fingerprint biometrics
  • A host of optional features including menu management, automated promotions, kitchen chit printing and routing and a whole lot more

Aloha POS systems increase your operational efficiency

Getting your profit growth on a fast track can be quite challenging with traditional merchant account systems but with Aloha, this goal is definitely within reach. It helps you increase your operational efficiency easily with its powerful operations. More specifically, it also has other great benefits to offer for your restaurant business:

  • Increased sales as well as customer traffic
  • Improved customer return
  • Better way to enter orders and deliver them fast to the right table
  • Lesser effort and need for training your employees
  • Minimized transaction downtime as well as maximized operating efficiency
  • Increased customer loyalty with better quality service

Boosting your restaurant service quality and sales with Aloha

Aloha has the right tools to help you drive restaurant sales with a design that is guaranteed to increase the pace of your service. Since you can achieve an action with Aloha POS systems with fewer touches, you can guarantee faster order completion for your customers. Additionally, inventory quick counts and other critical metrics are accessible through Aloha’s Quick Service. All of these became a legacy of the brand in order to make restaurant service not just faster or simpler, but also more profitable.

Interested to order Aloha POS solutions for your restaurant business? Call us for a local POS demonstration within the Tri-State area. Together, we can help explore the features of Aloha POS systems and understand how this formidable POS brand can bring your business to the next level!