Squirrel POS System

Nationwide Merchant Solutions recommends only the best POS brands in the industry. When we say ‘best’, we mean that you are assured to get the right solutions for any specific industry related transactions. This is why we have included Squirrel in our list of offerings. With Squirrel, you get an intuitive and easy to use POS solution for all your business transaction needs.

Squirrel is the number one choice for the hospitality industry

Founded in 1984, Squirrel is the first POS brand to introduce touchscreen POS for restaurant operations. This innovation became the driving force behind modern technologies for bars, hotels and other food service operators. Each POS solution comes with a fully-integrated platform combining hardware with software equally matched with reliable support services to help you with your operations.

Squirrel also promises that there is always a POS system under their inventory to suit your business needs – whether you are a small bar operating just around the corner or a high end restaurant with hundreds of clients to serve on a daily basis. Your choices include ‘Squirrel in a Box’ for small businesses and ‘Squirrel Professional’ that matches the advanced requirements for more complex business operations.

Squirrel POS systems come with innovative and reliable features

We acknowledge the fact that businesses vary in terms of needs when it comes to operating their systems. As unique as each need can be, Squirrel is confident that their products can fulfill every single need your business has.

With each Squirrel in a Box, you get:

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4 terminal hardware configurations
  • Point of Sale software
  • Back office software
  • Integrated high speed credit card processing
  • Centralized database and menu configuration
  • Antivirus and firewall security
  • 7 hours of remote training
  • 1 year of help desk support
  • 1 year of hardware warranty

Your Squirrel Professional, on the other hand, has been designed using the following features that will guarantee efficiency and flexibility at all times:

  • Employee-centric interface is easy to learn and use
  • Edit menus live at the terminal
  • Flexible promo management
  • Fail-safe options to maximize your system’s uptime

Squirrel POS solutions put you in absolute control when it comes to customization

What we like most about Squirrel is the fact that it works the same way we expect it to be, that is, to ensure you have absolute control in customizing the POS according to the functionalities that are needed to run your business. You get the choice to incorporate any or a combination of the following with every Squirrel POS:

  • Customer engagement
  • Enterprise management
  • Above store reporting
  • Kitchen video display
  • Table management
  • Inventory management
  • Property management system interfaces
  • Labor scheduling and forecasting

Today, Squirrel POS systems are used in the majority of high end restaurants. If you are interested to order Squirrel POS systems for your business establishment, we encourage you to contact us. We can explain to you Squirrel’s product features in a clear and concise way, and you can expect our customer representative to address any of your concerns fast. Nationwide Merchant Solutions is able to provide local POS demonstrations within the Tri-State area so let us help you experience the magic of Squirrel POS systems live!