Talech POS System

At Nationwide Merchants Solutions, we value products that are versatile and easy to use. Talech is by far one of the simplest Point of Sale (POS) systems you can switch to in order to improve the efficiency of your operations and the overall productivity of your retail or restaurant business.

Great for first-time users, Talech’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to set up and start managing your transactions with just a few taps.

How can Talech help your business evolve?

Talech provides you with a simple solution to understand your business better. The Rich Analysis feature offers you a detailed report on sales as well as transaction trends. By using the summaries on a regular basis, you will know which product sells best and who your top employees are. Armed with this data, you can take the necessary action to motivate and reward the top performers in your staff.

Besides staff and sales, Talech also permits you to capture customer information. With just a few taps, you will know how much customers spend, their preferences and how often they visit your store. Therefore, you can then introduce suitable promotions or schedule campaigns based on this information. All data is accessible from anywhere in the world, in real time.

Talech allows you to customize according to your needs

Flexibility is the trump card of this particular POS system. Suitable for both the retail and the restaurant industry, you can personalize Talech in accordance with your short and long-term business objectives. Some of the most desirable features that simplify operations include:

  • Scanning items in the register mode and adding them to orders
  • Scanning items with pre-existing barcodes and including them directly in your inventory
  • Printing barcode labels for your products
  • Editing cost, prices and quantity information in real time
  • Viewing the inventory in real time
  • Simplifying the order management process
  • Applying tips and printed receipts

Talech is a POS system that grows with your business

The element that we appreciate most about this POS system is that the developer listens to the public’s demands and constantly improves or introduces useful features. The new features are created based on current industry trends, and designed to satisfy as well as address new issues and challenges.

If you’re ready to make your retail store just as smartly managed as a large supermarket chain, then Talech might be the perfect POS system your business requires. Contact us today and learn more about the features, capabilities and advantages you stand to gain by switching to this simple, yet powerful Point of Sale system. We will be happy to conduct a local POS demo for you so that you can see this system in action. Note that this demonstration offer is only available in the Tri-State area.