How To Clean Your POS System To Keep The Hardware In A Mint Condition

How To Clean Your POS System To Keep The Hardware In A Mint Condition

POS or Point of Sale systems call for quite an investment but they do come with a ton of benefits. While the costs of owning them are gradually becoming cheaper, there are other more advanced models that remain pricey. Hence, it is in your best interest to keep it in tip top condition for as long as you can. When the condition of your POS system is neglected, its service lifespan can be compromised despite being new. Dirt accumulation is one of the most common culprits and that is why your system’s terminal screens should be cleaned regularly to ensure that your machine runs smoothly. Read on to find out more why you should clean your POS and how to do it without causing damage.

Why regular cleaning is encouraged

While POS computers and related components are hardier than other devices such as iPads and tablet PCs, they all still require regular cleaning to be able to perform at their best. As mentioned, the screens can lose sensitivity pretty easily over a period of time. The monitors are not spared too and dirt and dust will get lodged between tiny crevices as well as hard to reach spots.

When you clean your POS system, it will make overall business look better, keep the computers running without fail, prevent oils from ruining the integrity of the screen and prolong screen sensitivity for as long as possible. One of the key things you should remember about succeeding with your POS is that it will also depend on how well you are able to take care of it. Although they come as sophisticated devices, they still need some tender loving care.

How to clean your POS

Before you get started, you will need to find a cleaner that is friendly to your hardware. For starters, you can consider using CRT or ammonia-free glass cleaners. For best results, opt for cleaning products that are specifically made for touch screens. However, there are also special cleaning systems like the Crest Powersonic Digital Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner to consider. The next step is to find a new and dry cloth, and wipe the screen to remove the first layer of dirt.

If there are sticky or oily substances on the screen that is harder to come off, you can spray the cleaner onto the cloth sparingly. Never spray your cleaner directly onto the screen or overly wet your cloth, it will damage the screen. Always ensure that you wipe the screen down as well as the inside and outside of the printer. Lastly, allow your hardware to dry off by itself before touching it again.

How often should you clean?

You should clean at least once daily and it is recommended that it happens at the end of the day. This inevitably begs the question on why you should clean it often. It is amazing how quickly dust and dirt can start to form and accumulate within a period of time. Worst of all, they will come in unexpected days even if you are not involved in a business like running a restaurant. While POS systems are very tough and can withstand liquid splashes and spills, there is still no reason to abuse them.