Effective And Cost-Efficient Ways To Reward Your Business’ Most Loyal Customers

Effective And Cost-Efficient Ways To Reward Your Business’ Most Loyal Customers

Your business has been doing great for quite some time now. You noticed that you are slowly earning more than you expect. Was it because of your products? Was it because you have expanded choices for your customers? Was it because you have loyal customers coming to do business with you? If it is the latter, maybe it is time to give back to them! Apparently, you will be able to continue to have a pool of loyal customers if you reward them. How do you do that? Some of you may have been taught ways to do so, but are they effective and cost-efficient enough? Here are tips on how you can reward your avid customers in the best means possible.

Recognize Them

Some people love the fact that their efforts are being recognized. Rewarding customers who have helped grow your business may start with simple acts like featuring a customer of the month. You can put that on social media, your website, or even when emailing other customers as well. You may also choose to put a sign up in your office to let the world know that there is this loyal customer who has supported you all the way. But before doing that, make sure that you have communicated with them that they are comfortable being featured.

It’s All About Exclusivity

Just in case you are launching a new product soon, it pays to give your most loyal customers access to learn more about such a product. This is often referred to as a beta release of a product and is popular with many tech companies. Allow them to sign up for a program where they get access to the latest products or services first before you launch them for the public to see. This will build their trust in you, and make them ever-loyal to your business as well.

Invite Them to a Special Event

This is one way for them to spread the word about your business. Whether it is a charity event for your local community, or you just want to invite them to a special holiday party, what matters is you let them feel that you are recognizing their efforts. Do encourage them to bring family or friends to the occasion. This will give you the chance to meet new prospects too. They can sign up online so that you would know who will join them at that event.

Value What They Say

Who does not love being asked for their opinion on certain matters? This is a great way for you to assess what they really like about your products, and what else they want from you in the future. You can send a survey to their respective emails, highlighting that they are valued followers of your business and that’s why they are receiving such.

Reward Them Through a Points System or Anything Similar

Setting up a referral program with a bonus will definitely be a good start. You can give them a small discount for their next purchase. You can also reward them with points every time they purchase something from you or whenever they use your services. Just be clear about your guidelines, and make sure you work with a merchant services company that can help you set up the program.