Why You Should Manage Your Jewelry Store With A POS System

Why You Should Manage Your Jewelry Store With A POS System

There are many success secrets in the business world, and for jewelry store owners, one of these secrets is to run and manage your jewelry store with a powerful Point of Sales system. If you wonder why, a good reason is that the system’s software program allows you to manage your inventory right at the cash register – there are many more benefits which we will tell you about. Find out more on why you should manage your jewelry store with a POS system!

You can track your sales and staff performance with ease

An efficient POS system allows you track your store’s sales by time frame, register or sales person. What’s more, you will be able to make quick changes as you see fit. When you have the most up-to-date sales data as well as a clear understanding on how well your products are performing, you can set clear strategies for business growth and also increase return on investment!

You can check your stock quickly

Today, any modern jewelry store should have the right equipment that enables bar code scanning and to provide other functions such as printing jewelry price tags. With a Point of Sales system, you never have to worry how much inventory you have on hand, the POS system will help set up your stock quickly and always keep you updated on how much jewelry you have left for the month – all at a glance.

It makes vendor management extremely easy

If you are looking for ways to cut down on paperwork as well as save time while working with multiple vendors, a POS system will make the process of creating purchase orders and coordinating with your vendors faster than ever! The system will also notify you if there are any overstocked or damaged items, so you can promptly return them to your respective vendors. In addition, your purchase orders can be automatically populated with items that are running low.

You can learn more about your customers’ buying habits

With a POS system, you can easily create and store customer profiles which contain valuable information such as their purchase history. With this type of information on hand, you can make well-informed decisions on the types of jewelry you will carry and put up for sale. In addition, a POS system is the only platform you need when running a customer rewards program. Yes, you heard that right. Today, an increasing number of cloud POS systems are offering built-in loyalty tools. What’s more, some of these newer systems can also be integrated with existing rewards programs.

Tracking and creating your work orders is easy at every stage

Do your current projects involve engraving a ring? Restringing pearls? Fixing a watch? When you set up a Point of Sales system in your jewelry store, you can track all ongoing projects and orders with ease. In addition, your customers are kept abreast of where their items are, making them happier as you have managed their expectations well.

You can “mobilize” your jewelry business

Modern POS systems can now be paired up with a variety of smart devices which include the iPad. If you have made the necessary upgrades, you can take your jewelry business wherever you can take your smart device. Whether you are attending a trade show or setting a pop-up store, all you need is a viable internet connection and it is business as usual. The idea of creating POs at trade shows and ringing in sales while on-the-go is simply amazing!