Do POS Systems Have A Place In The Healthcare Industry?

Do POS Systems Have A Place In The Healthcare Industry?

There is no doubt at all that one of the most notable inventions in recent times has been the development of the Point of Sale System, aptly referred to as the POS. It makes it easy for companies to run operations. It also allows customers to make payments for goods or services within seconds. But it does not start and end at buying and selling. POS systems also play a key role when it comes to tracking sales, managing customers, managing the inventory and accounting. So, what exactly does this mean for people in the health sector? How do Point of Sale systems contribute to their growth? Read on to learn more.


Hospitals often have a ton of data that they need to track and analyse daily. It gets even better when you take into account the fact that patients these days have portals which enable them to track their own healthcare. The data must be up to date and accurate. There is also the fact that hospitals have cafeterias and drug stores which are other avenues where data can be collected. A reliable POS system captures data from all these avenues. It then makes it easy for the hospital management to study the data and adjust their management accordingly.

Online Orders

Patients confined to hospital beds order online more often than their counterparts who are allowed to recuperate from home. They mostly order meals and other goods or services which form part of their recuperating regimen. Efficiency improves where a hospital has a POS system in place to cater for services and goods requested by patients. For example, if a patient makes an order for fresh food, kitchen staff get the request promptly and are then able to act fast. This is way efficient compared to making a phone call then waiting for the order to be processed.

Employee Statistics

Employee statistics matter as much as customer statistics do. Your desired POS system should therefore be able to accurately capture employee statistics with ease. You can then be able to note where transactions come from and proceed to ensure that each employee is doing their job correctly. You should be able to notice which employee puts in more hours and more effort as far as work in concerned. This means you have to go for a system that can make it easy for you to add employees to the system, track hours, develop staff schedule, automatically email schedules and monitor performance.

Extra Bonuses

This is where loyalty programs come into the picture. Reward your hospital staff by running a loyalty program through a POS. For instance, you can set the system to reward employees who purchase meals frequently from the hospital cafeteria. This can help you generate revenue by preventing your staff from bringing home cooked meals.


A reliable Point of Sale system can also help you to increase your marketing by collecting emails and other contact details. Once you have the contact details on your database, you can use them to reach out to your staff and customers through promotions.  Note too that you can create patient profiles through a POS. This means a patient your hospital has served before won’t have to repeat their details once they visit the hospital for a second time.