Are You Ready For 2017 Mobile Payment Trends?

Are You Ready For 2017 Mobile Payment Trends?

With 2016 coming to a close, it has become obvious that more and more people are gaining access to fast internet, and that most of them are accessing it using mobile devices. Online sellers will need to be acquainted with 2017 mobile payment trends, as most people find them to be extremely convenient when shopping using mobile devices. Lack of mobile payment support on an online store is therefore likely to have a negative impact on the business’ bottom line. Some of the upcoming trends that online business people need to be acquainted with include:

An increase in on-demand consumption

2017 will likely see a massive increase in on-demand consumption, with users purchasing and tracking their orders through their mobile phones or other portable devices. Most millennials are also likely to demand much faster delivery times, sometimes within hours. This is why major online retail companies are investing heavily in research and development for faster methods of transferring orders, such as through the use of drones.

As an online retailer, you may need to start thinking of upgrading your online store to have this capability. At the very least, clients should be able to order items using their phones with ease, and also track them without having to use a computer. Regular evaluation of your order processing and shipping is also important. This helps you identify the bottlenecks delaying delivery, so that you can then sort them out. For all these new and complex technologies to be integrated seamlessly on your online store, working together with a highly skilled and pioneering merchant services provider is essential.

Bluetooth technology is likely to play a major role in ecommerce

Gone are the days when Bluetooth technology was a fad, whose functionality was only limited to sharing files. With advances in the capabilities and security of Bluetooth protocols, you can expect to see them playing a major role as a means of payment in 2017. Many phones support the use of electronic wallets, and the Bluetooth service can be used to transfer money from the user’s virtual wallet to the point of sale. This is extremely easy and safer than having to carry around a lot of cash, and also helps in keeping an eye on spending. Consider upgrading your point of sale to accept Bluetooth payments, particularly if you serve tech-savvy customers or have an increasing number of millennials visiting your store. To increase customer confidence, you will need to virtually eliminate the risks of fraud when using these forms of payment on your store.

Mobile devices are likely to be the ultimate personal assistants

Every iteration of mobile phone firmware whether Android or iPhone always upgrades the personal assistant functionality of the mobile phone or tablet. The device collects information from the users through various means including browsing habits, and then use this information to create the user’s profile. From this, the phones will be able to automatically provide users with information about deals on products they are likely to use, as well as insight into such products. This will culminate in even heavier dependence on mobile phones for day to day life in 2017.