Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Retail POS Systems

Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Retail POS Systems

Medium-sized and small businesses need to streamline their workflow and try and cut down their running costs in order to grow. Business owners especially in the retail industry need to get the most out of software-as-a-service (SaaS) to be able to survive the competition. One way a retail business owner can cut down costs is by combining mission-critical processes with retail POS systems.

Retail POS software includes several features like inventory, accounting, and time keeping which combine with a point of sale module. We have highlighted the main reasons why as a business owner you should consider updating to retail POS software.


The retail business industry has changed how it operates and has revolutionized from the brick-and-mortar sales to extending services by reaching out to the consumers where they are. This strategy has enabled small businesses to reach a wider market enabling them to make more sales. The retail POS system enables small companies to set up pop-up shops and stalls at the local farmer’s market without worrying about keeping up with inventories.

This software allows a business to process payments on a tablet or mobile device and email receipt directly to the consumers. The software can also make orders from the warehouse and have merchandise shipped directly to consumers in case of shortages in stock at hand. This helps a business to avoid losing business to competition.

Price Point

There are several retail POS systems available in the market that allow small businesses to choose one that fits their operations. A few years ago, POS systems used to be installed in large multi-station systems that required touch screen integrated register drawers.  These technologies ran on standalone servers which limited flexibility in the work place.

In case of a system break down, a technician had to come make the required adjustments which meant disrupting the work flow. Now, the retail POS systems come mobile device ready and have a lighter technology that enables SMBs manage their sales conveniently. Companies now don’t have to be locked to a single vendor and can subscribe to month-to-month services which they can update depending on the growing demand.

Accounting And Beyond

Most companies spend a lot of time and money trying to manage their accounting systems. Sometimes a small business has to outsource accounting services to ensure that everything is moving swiftly. This means using extra cash to pay for these services which cuts down on company’s profits.

Retail POS systems allow businesses to integrate with the accounting systems which make it easy to make end-of-month reconciliations. Business owners can easily keep track of their finances using systems which include budgeting programs and dash boards to help run a company’s day to day business.

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we offer companies the best retail POS system solutions to help manage their businesses. We partner with our clients to ensure that these systems run smoothly to streamline their workflows. We understand that different businesses have different needs and we ensure that the POS systems are installed to match their expectations. To get started with retail POS system solutions, contact us today!