What It Takes To Accelerate Your Credit Card Processing Systems

What It Takes To Accelerate Your Credit Card Processing Systems

Time is money. It therefore makes sense to invest as much as you can on systems that save both time and money. That is exactly where POS systems come into the picture. But like any business executive will tell you, even the most advanced POS systems experience down times. This leaves one with no choice but to look for quick fix solutions that can save the day.

Downtimes stand out as serious setbacks especially when one takes into account the fact that customers today expect fast, efficient and seamless services. The slightest provocation in the shape of slow systems can easily mean they’ll consider working with the next competitor. That explains why the first smart thing you should do is to work with reliable POS service providers. That aside, here’s how you can prevent all that to ensure your business payment process is not only quick but also reliable.

Update Your Terminal

Merchants tend to use a wide variety of terminals. There are terminals with printers, swipe terminals, debit terminals and so many other terminals. All these terminals can have different operating speeds. Some can operate twice as fast as others do. Think about it this way. If it takes each customer as much as 90 seconds to process each of their approvals, then that means that over the course of at least 100 customers, you’ll be losing as much as two hours of productivity as your customers wait!

Your saving grace in this scenario would be to consider a credit card terminal that offers a reporting feature. That way, you’ll effortlessly save several hours of paperwork each day. To end up with such a system or a terminal that will best fit into your needs, reach out to our Merchant Services Business or Account Representative.

Update Your Data Line

There are so many credit card terminals that operate over telephone lines. This often translates to slow processes with transactions processing intervals ranging from seconds to minutes. The solution here is simple. Update your system to operate over a wireless system or a high speed internet line.

Remember that if you opt to run your credit card processing through an internet line, you’ll need an extra service provider referred to as a ‘gateway’. This refers to a software provider that guarantees internet security between your merchant account or bank and your store. Many merchant account providers offer affordable gateway services for an extra fees, so finding one should not be hard.

Sync Approvals Into Your POS

Not all POS systems come along with integrated credit card processing features. By all means, take advantage of this. It is the best option if you need to save time for yourself as well as your customers. It gets even better with the fact that many POS software products provide internet connection features. This means fast reporting times.  Be sure to also go for terminal or hardware options which should make it easy for you to save time. Lastly, keep in mind that your POS system may not support not all gateways or merchant providers. That is exactly why you should check with your POS representative to find out which options are available to you.