The Perks Of Having A Cloud-Based POS System

The Perks Of Having A Cloud-Based POS System

You might have already heard from a dozen sources that encourage you to put your business in the cloud and you are missing out if you do not do so. However, have you heard of a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system before? Experts all around are overly eager to promote new technologies like this but fail to explain the basics with enough clarity to those who are new to this. Hence, this post aims to keep you well-informed with a basic 101 as well as the various perks that come with these systems.

Understanding the basics of cloud-based POS systems

Today’s cloud-based POS systems differ a lot from conventional POS systems, in a way that they can run through various devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the convenience it provides, many restaurants and bars are using it! As a business owner, you will be kept in the loop of any sale transactions even if you are many miles away from your own store. Another helpful feature is data availability which allows you and your employees to access vital sales data at any time. Additionally, these invaluable systems make potentially complex transactions like handling gift cards a breeze. They are highly self-sufficient when it comes to security enhancements as well.

Oftentimes, business owners who change to the cloud platform, do it when their old POS systems break down or become obsolete.  Older versions of POS systems can break down due to various reasons which include freezing screens, viruses or its inability to keep up with a scaling business. Additionally, fixing up an old system is costly and switching to a cloud-based system is much more economical. Now that you’ve gain clearer insight into what cloud-based POS systems has to offer, here the following perks you can expect:


Due to factors such as human error, a certain product can end up costing more at one store location by accident. These systems have a great reputation for integrity and will eliminate such problems and guarantee improved customer care. Maintaining consistent pricing comes with great importance and is a professional function – cloud POS systems are one of the best ways to achieve it.


A high-quality and good cloud POS system will do more than just scan multiple items quickly. They provide businesses with invaluable data that are needed to maximize profits and enable business growth. A POS system will track and record all purchases, which mean that owners can view their customer’s past purchases at any time. Owners can also learn what are their best-selling products and services and create targeted marketing based on individual customer purchasing patterns, demographics and more.


Without a proper POS system, managing inventory can quickly become a nightmare for some businesses. Especially for those that have both a physical and online store – it is very important to have consistency in one’s inventory. Quality cloud POS software will set the grounds for efficient and accurate inventory by allowing users to sort their merchandise by description, item, class and more. Additionally, it allows you to keep track of specific data that are related to each product with ease. This means that you no longer have to worry about selling something that is already sold out to a potential customer, saving your company from embarrassment or a bad rep.

If you are looking for modern, innovative and easy-to-set-up solutions, you can never go wrong with cloud POS systems.