Top 4 Credit Card Machine Misconceptions

Top 4 Credit Card Machine Misconceptions

Choosing the right credit card machine for your small business may sound like an easy thing. But like most small business owners will tell you, it is never easy. That’s mostly because you have to take into account other factors that can support your credit card machine payment system. The complexity of your new POS terminal, support software and even the types of credit cards you will accept are all examples of all the other vital factors you will have to consider.  Your best bet is to consider asking an expert for assistance. In the process, be aware of the following misconceptions that surround credit card machines.

You Need A Reputable Processor Complete With The Latest Terminal

This is by far the most popular misconception as far as setting up credit card payment systems is concerned. It is true that a reputable processor and the latest terminal are good investments. Unfortunately, this never guarantees one that there won’t be data breach. One should in fact be more concerned with data breach issues where customers still use magnetic stripe cards. The best you can do is to ensure that your credit card payment systems are PCI compliant.  You can then fortify your defenses against data breach and fraud by going for additional tools like point to point encryption, breach assistance programs and tokenization.

You Do Not Need To Upgrade Some Credit Card Machines

Payments technology is ever evolving. What is effective and reliable today can easily be obsolete tomorrow. So even with the most expensive credit card machine in the market, you will still need to budget for system upgrades.  You can consider moving to an integrated point of sale system which will turn the payment processing devices you use into media through which subsequent software upgrades and updates will be pushed. This will make the need for regular hardware upgrade less frequent.

Credit Card Machines Hardly Develop Glitches

Credit card machines should work smoothly the vast majority of time. However, the fact that they need scheduled updates means they can develop hitches. This happens mostly where one skips an update. It is therefore important to update your credit card machine as is required. To ensure your business does not come to a standstill because of a glitch, schedule for overnight credit card machine updates. Then be sure to know exactly which type of technical support your machine needs. It could be a terminal technical support or some other vital POS device. Either way, know what the machine needs. Then have a technical support team on your speed dial.

The Latest Credit Card Machines Are Hard To Use

Nearly all modern credit card machines are fairly simple to use both from a customer and employee perspective. They operate like smartphones with easy to navigate interface designs. Keep in mind though that you will still need to train your staff on how to use your desired credit card machine. This should be done with the help of your processor. That way, your sales team will have an easy time using the machine to capture valuable customer data for marketing reasons.