Top Tips To Consider When Designing A Product Page For Your Ecommerce Business

Top Tips To Consider When Designing A Product Page For Your Ecommerce Business

The first page that your customer will visit when navigating your website is no less than your product page. In fact, just by looking at this page, your prospects will know the product and service you are offering them. It does not matter whether they landed on that page using a search engine or after clicking on a pop-up advertisement or while browsing your store. What matters is you make sure that the page is well-designed to increase their eagerness to buy from you. Here are things to consider when designing a perfect product page for your Ecommerce business.

Know product page design basics

A product page must contain all the necessary information that your customers will use when exploring your website. It must contain the right-sized images that will give customers a picture of the product they are about to purchase. There should be a short product description that can be used to lead them to a more detailed information of the items you are offering for sale. You have to give the product a good title too so that your customers will find ease while navigating your website. The photos must be clear and the specifics must speak about what the image is all about. Using a specific online payment gateway solution that can be clicked on the product page, your customers will be more than willing to click on ‘Checkout’.

Ask yourself a few key questions

The following questions will help you create a product page that will work to your customers’ liking:

  • What is the product all about? Make sure that in answering this question, you also consider what your customers possibly want answered when visiting your page.
  • Is the page specific? Does it tell your customers the necessary information for them to know that your product is what they are exactly looking for?
  • Why should customers choose your product? What makes your product a standout among what other peers in the business are offering?
  • What is the product made of? Many customers look for the ingredients in food or the components in the product before they buy. This is one way of making sure they are getting a good purchase.

Work on your product images

Make sure they are great. One product image can make or break your Ecommerce business. These pictures can be viewed by your customers on a positive or negative light depending on how you have created them. You have to take note too that a picture reveals much about your product and sometimes some customers need not read the product description. Just by looking at the picture alone, they know they will know if they will purchase the product or not.

Your photos have to be shot using good camera. Take pictures of the product at different angles. It is best to have these images optimized. Make sure the pictures have a white background to make the actual colors standout. The images should also be good enough in the sense that they will look great even when consumers are navigating your page on mobile. You have to assign someone who can edit pictures perfectly if you cannot do it yourself.

Running an Ecommerce business requires a lot of time and effort and if you want to succeed, your product page should be perfect. From here, you can integrate a list of merchant services that will make your website navigable for your visitors.