Ways To Maximize Your Business Checkout Conversions

Ways To Maximize Your Business Checkout Conversions

For those with online businesses, having a high volume of traffic to your website is great. However, traffic alone does not generate sales. If you are in business, it does not matter if your site looks great or has a high volume of traffic if you cannot make a sale. One question you need to ask- is your website traffic translating to conversions?

A lot can happen on a business’ checkout page: shoppers make purchases, calculate shipping, use coupons, and start a relationship with your business. Offering your customers a good checkout experience should be more than generating income. It should enable your clients to buy products quickly and easily no matter their location. Also, it should be about laying a better foundation for long-term relationships.

How can you maximize your checkout for more revenue and better customer experience?

Implement Points and Rewards

Enrolling your customers in a reward system and earning points with each purchase is an effective way to encourage both repeat and larger purchases. Customers buy more from online stores that offer points and rewards because they will build on the points they have already accumulated. Try to create a system that rewards your customers every time they make a purchase, write a review, sign up for an email list and so forth, and let them redeem the points for future purchases. This move helps you to create loyal customers and have a higher conversion rate.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

If you are offering only one payment method to your shoppers, you are not fully meeting your customers’ needs. This means you are missing out on potential sales. Some of the preferred online payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, and eWallets. Take time to find out more about your customers and what tools they already use. Apart from debit and credit card payments, you can introduce third parties such as PayPal or Amazon Pay and mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

Offer Purchase Add-Ons

The checkout page is your last attempt to create a lasting relationship with your customers before they complete their purchase. This being the case, you need to use it to offer additional items. You can offer free items that they can add to their carts before finalizing their order. Other items your customers can add to their cart include:

  • A rush shipping upgrade if you sell physical products
  • Offer insurance policies if you sell high-value items or electronics
  • Allow customers to customize their items if you sell handmade products
  • Offer free wrapping if you sell giftable items
  • Let customers add a donation to their purchase if you are a non-profit
  • Accept tips if you offer services

Allow Guest Checkout

Setting up an account is deterring and time-consuming. Additionally, customers have to remember their passwords and need to share more personal information. This process can make you lose potential customers. Customize your website in such a way that lets your customers choose between checking out as a guest or creating an account. In situations where it is necessary to create an account, make the process as easy as possible. This speeds up and simplifies the checkout process.

Whether you want to make it easy for shoppers to get in touch with you, offer additional products, or simplify the checkout process, the above ways will help you to satisfy your customers. All you need to focus on is meeting their needs and you will increase their loyalty and your conversion rate.