Where Are POS Systems Used In Hospitals?

Where Are POS Systems Used In Hospitals?

The use of point-of-sales systems is not limited to retail or financial-related industries. It had expanded its usage to accommodate the needs of other industries, hospital operations included. In this industry, you will need to consider using the most scalable POS systems so that you can take advantage of their features. You can do that by knowing more about where you can use POS systems in hospitals.

Payroll Deductions

Employees may need to purchase items in the hospital. Instead of paying cash for these items, they can use their badge IDs when the POS system is already in place. Their purchases will be deducted from their payroll. This is definitely advantageous because they no longer need to go through long queues every single time when they have to purchase something. There is no need to go back to their respective posts, just in case they leave their purses where their money is. Using an automated process, you will not even have to keep track of each purchase made by every employee. This is good for inventory management in hospital industries too.

Kitchen Display

Hospitals have their own kitchens where they prepare meals for patients, and employees alike. Often, it will be hard to take note of what each patient or employee needs because you have to keep track of what they can and cannot eat. With a POS system in place, it is easier to note who among your employees or patients can eat these or that. Some POS systems come with color-coded schemes so that you can prioritize the unique needs of each customer. Orders may be taken from the display as well.


You may also have your own cafeteria in your hospital. Regardless if it is a small or large cafeteria, you can definitely make the most out of a POS system. Through certain types of software, you will be able to customize schedules automatically so that you can check your menu and rotate them either daily, weekly, or monthly. That way, you can avoid preparing the same food over and over again. This will make your customers (patients and employees alike) enjoy the food that you serve.

Coffee Shops

Aside from having a cafeteria, your hospital may also have its own coffee shop. Coffee, after all, is a must for employees and even family members who are taking care of patients in the hospital. You can avoid a sudden influx of orders if you have a POS system. That will be helpful during the so-called “coffee rush hour”. This can even be integrated with payroll deductions, and you can customize your menu, the same way you would if you use a POS system with your cafeteria.

Gift Shops

Do you have a gift shop in your hospital? If you do, then you can make use of a POS system there as well. This is where you can use mini-systems like the Clover® Station so that you can simplify your bookkeeping processes while ensuring you get real-time inventory control data. You also get to build transaction records for each customer and run reports on your most profitable items.