Why Nationwide?

Nationwide Merchant Solutions (NWMS) was established in 2006 and since our inception company focus has been to bring integrity, transparency and loyalty to the Merchant Services industry. This model stems from our founding partners being small business owners themselves. Business owners who were tired of hidden fees and broken promises from others in this industry.

Being tired of paying these exorbitant fees, they began to search for a solution. Why pay a high price to receive the money you work long hours for? To them, it made no sense!Company

With that, they became licensed, and set out to reduce transaction fees for friends, family members and neighboring businesses. Delivering on these promises NWMS accumulated thousands of accounts within a few short years – just by word of mouth!

Lastly, the most important fact about NWMS is our understanding to walk in your shoes! So, if you are working, we are working! We make ourselves available 24 hours, 7 days a week, feel free to call us directly either at the office or on our personal mobile phone.