Interchange Rates

What is Interchange?

Interchange is basically the transfer of funds from a patron to a merchant. The Interchange fees however, are established and originated by Visa and MasterCard for each individual card they issue.

These fees vary by card type as well as the type of business accepting the card (airline, charity, retail, restaurant, petroleum,etc.) A cardholder being entitled to different reward programs does play a large role in the percentage rate and transaction fee being charged. Essentially, the more rewards a cardholder is entitled to for using their card, the higher the Interchange rate.

Why is this necessary?

The electronic payment system provides consumers the security and convenience of accessing their money anywhere at any time.This system also gives merchants peace of mind by knowing guaranteed payment is on the way.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions helps merchants with payment processing and transaction accuracy. Working within our platform entitles our customers to be part of the Interchange Plus program.

Interchange Plus is a program developed to keep the processing fees down while offering complete transparency. Below are the published Interchange rates that Visa and MasterCard have set for specific card and industry types.

Visa Interchange Rates:

MasterCard Interchange Rates: