4 Reasons You’re Losing Clients And How A POS Can Help You Retain Them

4 Reasons You’re Losing Clients And How A POS Can Help You Retain Them

It may sound strange or even unfair but when a relationship with your customer ends, then by all means, you are the one at fault. In simple words, customers can never be wrong. It could be something about the way you handle them or even how inefficient your systems are. The best you can do is to take a step back and analyze what could be making your once loyal customers look elsewhere. That’s exactly where POS systems come into the picture.  You could be losing your loyal clients because of POS related issues. Here are six reasons why you experience customer loss and why a reliable POS could be your savior.

The Waiting Game

People can buy pretty much anything they need online within seconds. This means they can be reluctant to queue in a store to purchase the same items they can buy online. A lengthy queue at the checkout coupled with average customer service will leave your clients with bad experience. They will remember this the next time they have an option of either buying online or directly from you. To solve the problem, consider POS software to help you expedite the customer checkout process. Go for cloud based POS system. This will help you eliminate long queues and allow your sales team to complete transactions on the floor using mobile phones and other hand held gadgets.

Customers Forget You

That is, you do not stay fresh into your customers’ minds. This can be devastating for a business because like experts say, out of site out of mind. Take advantage of social media to keep in touch with your customers. Email them too if possible. Slacking with your internet marketing strategies will only give your competitors a lee way to steal customers. With that in mind, pick POS software that can help you market across several channels with ease. Remember you do not have to spend a lot on this strategy. Weekly mails or social media feeds can go a long way to help you stay fresh in your customers’ minds.


A cruise ship without a crew will certainly sink. An understaffed store will suffer exactly the same fate. You must have enough employees to help you retrieve merchandise and answer questions when you are busy. That’s because customers can be on the receiving end of an understaffed entity. They may have to wait for longer than necessary. Your POS system should be able to send you hourly sales stats as well as reporting stats without failure. This will give you an insight into when you should hire more people on the floor.

You’re Behind Trends

Business trends come up and go. Take credit card payment for instance.  You can easily lose clients if you do not accept credit cards. Your customers will simply go to your competitors that accept them. Another good example is how you deal with customers that use contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay. Keep up with all these trends to stay on top of your game. The only way you can do that is to incorporate a POS system that is set up to accept and process new payment methods. Your POS system should also be able to keep you with all emerging tech savvy trends.