Wireless Credit Card Machines

Credit card processing has evolved from the use of traditional wired payment machines to high-tech wireless solutions that facilitate secure transactions in order to make them faster and easier to perform. With this evolution, our product offerings here at Nationwide Merchant Solutions have also evolved. In response to the huge popularity that wireless credit card processing enjoys today, we are offering wireless credit card machines to all types of merchants.

Wireless credit card machines can offer your business with a lot of benefits. As an example, if you conduct business outdoors which include open markets, food carts, sporting events, or even your customers’ homes, wireless credit card processing will allow you to eliminate the need to rely on traditional connectivity. You can virtually sell anywhere and anytime!

What do wireless credit card machines offer you?

Wireless credit card terminals usually come with these features:

  • A magnetic strip reader for card reading purposes
  • A PIN pad where your clients can key-in their pass codes whenever needed
  • A display screen that shows the type of transaction going on
  • A keypad

Alongside these components are functionalities to enjoy:

  • Mobility and portability so you can process payments on the go
  • Faster processing speeds when compared to some wired systems
  • Strict security enhancements and protocols to keep client information confidential and private

How our wireless credit card machines will help your business

We at Nationwide Merchant Solutions provide the best wireless credit card machines in the market because we only choose to deal with the most sought-after wireless credit card machine brands that offer well-built functionalities in the market. Our wireless credit card machines will help your business in a lot of ways, including:

  • Creating more business opportunities for you as you can easily carry the machine to another location and pursue a sale
  • Expanding your horizons thus allowing you to accept debit and credit card payments where cash and check used to be the only payment solution
  • Saving you from extra operating costs since it eliminates the need to install phone lines to keep credit and debit card transactions going. Wireless credit card machines do not require phone line installation at all
  • Bringing you convenience as our portable wireless credit card terminals are lightweight and compact

Enjoy the power of wireless credit card machines and give your customers the security they need for their transactions anywhere, anytime. If you have any more questions regarding how these machines operate, feel free to give us a call. We can do a live demo on our products for you if you are located in the Tri-State area.