FD 35 POS System

The migration of US credit card issuers towards the Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) technology marks a solid response to the high costs of fraud registered every year. Credit and debit cards with embedded EMV chips are able to authenticate transactions based on the identity of the users, implementing an additional security layer.

EMV chips protect the credit cards against forgery, counterfeiting and skimmers. Credit cards that feature these chips are also safe in the event when they are stolen or lost.

The FD 35 readers are part of the new wave of devices to employ this technology. At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we want to underline that failing to implement a Chip and Pin (EMV) payment solution could leave your business liable to fraud charges, should such an event occur.

How the FD 35 can help your business

The main advantage of the FD 35 device is that it supports a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including but not limited to:

  • STAR® Network transaction
  • Signature debit card
  • Gift card
  • Major issuer credit card
  • Mobile phone payment

Training your staff or teaching your customers how to utilize the FD 35 machine is incredibly easy, and it involves either swiping the card for traditional versions, or placing the chip in the device and tapping the card for contactless cards. The audio and visual cues make the payment even more straightforward and accelerate the transaction process.

The other benefits of the FD 35 model for your business comprise of:

  • Reassuring customers regarding the security of their data and money
  • Remaining up to date with the mandated compliancy standards (now and in the future)
  • Increasing storefront traffic and minimizing checkout time
  • Improving the purchase processing in high volume retail environments
  • Gaining repeat and referral business by allowing clients to redeem special offers and promotional discounts via mobile phone payments

The open payment software of the FD 35 guarantees that it can adapt to virtually every emerging form of transaction. FD 35 doesn’t require plugging into an individual power supply, but it is compatible with FD terminals and connects to them via USB ports.

How the FD 35 helps to provide satisfaction to your clientele

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is well aware of the fact that checkouts are the least favorite parts of the shopping for customers, from a safety and consumerism standpoint. That is why, with the FD 35, we are offering them a way to:

  • Retain full control over their cards
  • Dismiss any anxiety about the illicit utilization of their data
  • Remain informed regarding every step of the transaction
  • Utilize their preferred payment method at the registry
  • Minimize the time spent waiting at the register

If you have any question regarding our FD 35 pin and signature card readers, feel free to contact Nationwide Merchant solutions. Businesses within the Tri-state area can also benefit from live demonstrations of our products in action.