Dejavoo Z8

The Z8 is one of the most feature-rich credit card terminals out there, and is the latest countertop contactless terminals from Dejavoo. At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we make sure that merchants are benefitting from the best credit card processing equipment on the market. The major selling points of the Dejavoo Z8 all boil down to ease of use and peace of mind for both the customer and the business owner.

The Dejavoo Z8 Has an Excellent Form Factor for Small Business Use

The form factor of your credit card processing system is an important determinant of how effective it will be for a small business. The Dejavoo Z8 beats most other products out there by having a small footprint without compromising on features. This can be beneficial in many cases, such as when planning for the layout of the business when space is limited. In these cases, the point of sale system will take up miniscule space. Some of the specs in this regard include:

  • Standard keypad for easy data entry, despite its small size
  • Weighs only 375 grams, and so can be used as a mobile POS
  • Dimensions: 190mm L x 78mm W x78mm H
  • Despite the small form factor, the device also has more than ample memory, with 128MB of flash memory and 64MB of DDRAM.
  • Has a built in graphical printer

These features amplify the fact that the Dejavoo Z8 might be a credit card terminal that could fit in your pocket, but which still has the power to carry out all your transactions with ease.

Easy Connectivity Makes the Dejavoo Z8 Easy to Set Up

A major headache for many business owners installing credit card terminal is how to ensure that the data links will be optimal. They have to have the bandwidth to transmit data back and forth, and should be secure enough to ensure that the data cannot be hijacked by third parties. The Dejavoo Z8 is designed with this in mind, and comes with a novel solution: connection through Wi-Fi. The system only needs a Wi-Fi connection, and is designed to handle the rest of the security issues so that you don’t have to. Other features from the Dejavoo Z8 include:

  • Dial-Up access
  • Dual-Comm
  • Contactless data transfer
  • EMV/Smartcard support
  • NFC capability
  • Multi-application support
  • PCI PTS compliant

Dejavoo Z8 is Virtually Futureproof

One of the major problems faced by most merchants is the fact that they may not be able to keep up with changing trends in payment methods, as well as customer preferences. For instance, many banks now issue EMV chipped credit and debit cards that some old terminals might have a hard time processing. The Dejavoo Z8 is designed with this in mind; it can accept this form of payment and process it with ease. In addition to that, upcoming payment methods such as NFC for virtual wallet payments are also supported. The Z8 easily keeps up with updates to these forms of payment through regular system updates.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dejavoo Z8 and how it can benefit your business, simply get in touch with our sales representatives. We can also conduct a live demo (Tri-State area only) at your premises so that you can interact with the terminal, and see how it wields its capabilities in person.