FD 130 POS System

Versatility, quick checkout time and security are the three pillars of success in the retail business. At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we are prepared to offer you a number of modern, affordable systems that can help you achieve them and make your company flourish.

The FD 130 credit card terminal is part of such intuitive business solutions, thanks to the innovative, cutting edge technology this device incorporates. The compact design of the terminal accommodates receipt printing, internet connectivity and card readers, in addition to many other features.

The FD 130 limits the retail infrastructure expenditure

Here are a few ways in which we consider that implementing this model can slash the operating costs of your business:

  • Each of the tasks that the FD 130 device is capable of performing was traditionally handled by a different device. The approach of investing in standalone card readers, check processors, receipt printers, bulky cash registers, etc. was rendered obsolete by the introduction of multifunctional appliances.
  • The compact design – as opposed to storing several tools serving various purposes at the counter – enables retailers to open additional cash registers within prohibiting spaces. The direct result consists of an improvement in the speed of the operations that translates directly into additional sales.
  • The next gen Point of Sale brings the added advantage of compliance with the emerging EMV chips that new credit and debit cards incorporate as an extra layer of protection. EMVs eliminate fraud and identity theft risks, helping your customers identify your company as reliable and 100% safe. Liability and lawsuits therefore become a non-issue.
  • FD 130 operates on SSL connectivity protocols that reduce the hazards associated with online transactions, further hindering the attacks from malicious software routines. Both the merchant accounts and the clients’ accounts are consequentially safe during transactions.

FD 130 promotes sales and customer engagement

A key advantage of the 130 model compared to its predecessors (FD 30, FD 100, etc.) comprises of the Dynamic Currency Conversion. The DCC permits transactions with customers whose available funds are in their own country’s currency, therefore increasing your target audience substantially.

Conducting the processing with the help of the top of the line technology imbedded in the FD 130 tells customers that you are deeply concerned with their security and satisfaction. Implementing a simple-to-understand payment solution that can adapt to their needs and preferences appeals not only to the tech savvies, but also to:

  • First time online shoppers
  • People who have experienced the consequences of identity theft or fraud before
  • The less tech adept older generations of customers
  • Customers who hate spending a lot of time in line at brick and mortar storefronts

To find out more about the FD 130 and its performance or capabilities, as well as other similar products, don’t hesitate to contact Nationwide Merchant Solutions. We are happy to provide a live demo of our products for retailers based in the Tri-State area.