The Difference Between Customer Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction

The Difference Between Customer Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer care, just because a customer is satisfied with your services does not necessarily mean that they will keep buying from you. With this point in mind, you will be able to understand the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

What really matters to any business owner is to keep customers coming back and remaining loyal. Most business people think a satisfied customer will continue coming back, right?

In order to accurately predict if your customers will remain loyal to your business, you need to find out how much effort they have to put in to do business with you. In this blog post you will learn all about customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction

This concept deals with how customers feel about a business’ services and products at a specific point in time. The most recent interaction they had with your business is often the focus. Various sources, such as customer reviews and surveys can be used to assess customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty

The level of involvement customers have with your business, service or product is what is known as customer loyalty. Customers can be said to be loyal when they continue to do business with you over a long period of time despite the competition. However there is more to customer loyalty. A customer may feel one way and behave completely differently. For instance, a customer may have issues about shortcomings of a particular product, but they continue to buy it anyway because there are not a lot of alternatives in the market. Customer loyalty is very important because the more customers remain loyal to you, the more they will buy from you and recommend your business to others.

Conducting customer service surveys is one of the ways to identify whether your customers are satisfied with your services and also a way to collect data to know which customers are loyal to you. Some of the common goals for customer service surveys include:

  • Learn about the needs of customers and use the information to formulate new products and services
  • Determine how your POS systems had an effect on the customer relationship
  • Find out what customers would want in order to be provided with better support
  • Identify staff that are not providing good customer service and coach them on how to deliver better service
  • Identify unsatisfied customers and take immediate action to resolve their issues
  • Identify areas for improvement

How To Improve Customer Loyalty

Communicate well: Good communication can inspire a deeper, more emotional connection between you and your customers. Ensure that you update your customers during the shipping process, check-in after orders have been received, make follow ups to all customer support emails, timely explanations about any issues or delays, and so forth.

Reward loyal customers: Your loyal customer need to know that they are valued and appreciated. It is important to create customer loyalty programs for those who recommend your business to others and create strong reward programs for return customers.

Mobile payment methods: Shoppers today opt to buy from stores that provide fast transactions. Keep your customers coming back by adopting mobile payment solutions to ensure their transactions are processed fast. You can also take advantage of this payment system to collect data about your customers which you can use to provide customized services.