Mobile Payment Solutions

Today, wireless payments represent a growing trend that is quickly catching up with all your customers. Thanks to the advanced smartphones and tablets available on the market, users no longer employ their mobile devices exclusively to browse the internet. A quick look over the statistics reveals that payments via mobile are slowly replacing the traditional methods of purchasing and paying for goods.

We can help you hop on the mobile payment bandwagon

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we understand the impact the new emerging technologies have on small businesses and large corporations alike. Providing the option to pay for purchases via mobile translates into more satisfied customers that are likely to browse your inventory again.

Our mobile payment options can help you offer your customers solutions that seamless shopping experience they expect while on the go. Thanks to our flexible and innovative mobile payment systems, your business stands to gain several noteworthy advantages, namely:

  • Increase your customer base and boost sales by accepting credit cards on mobile
  • You can easily integrate loyalty programs and various incentives
  • Ensure a pleasant experience, as the data introduced is stored inside the app
  • More happy customers who don’t need to keep track of reward points, coupons or purchases
  • Speed up the checkout process for your clientele
  • Guarantee an enhanced user experience, therefore motivating customers to return
  • You can service additional buyers in a more organized and efficient manner

Wireless payments can help you understand your target audience better

Our mobile payment solutions are designed to help you overcome the challenge of keeping track of customer expenditure. Thanks to our platforms, now you can automatically track your audience’s behavior and define loyal customers’ demand patterns. To be more precise, our solutions can provide you with:

  • Detailed logs of purchases
  • Reports on the preferred method of payment
  • Analytics on your targeted and segmented consumer campaigns
  • Comprehensive insight regarding your customer base

The reports, logs and analytics can help you find out more about your audience and improve your operations so you can serve your customers better and in accordance with their expectations.

As a leading innovator of mobile payments, we are committed to delivering top of the line solutions that are compliant, user-friendly and future-proofed. Our versatile payment solutions allow you to select the desired program applications and payment system that best suits your business’ needs. Scalable and secure, you have the guarantee that our solutions grow with your company.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is the perfect partner for all your mobile payment needs. We integrate into any mobile payment solutions, including most iPhone Credit Card Readers and Android Credit Card Readers. Call or email us today to find out more about the range of mobile payment solutions that can best suit your business model and check out some of our favorite solutions here: