Converge Mobile Card Reader

One of the things your clients will always want to avoid when it comes to availing your products and services is the long service queue to make a payment. They will rather visit a not-so-fully-packed competitor’s store and purchase items from there rather than spend time waiting in your store. With your business potentially losing clients, it will be good to reconsider your services and think about what it is you should tweak to make things easier for your consumers.

We at Nationwide Merchant Solutions understand that you want to enjoy continued patronage from existing clients while also targeting prospects to come and do business with you. This is why we have offered mobile payment solutions as alternatives to prevent long queues at your Point of Purchase (POP). One such solution we highly recommend is the Converge Mobile Card Reader.

How does the Converge Mobile Card Reader work?

Every Converge Mobile Card Reader comes with a corresponding Converge Mobile app that can be downloaded and configured through your mobile app store. Once configured, you can start accepting payments from your clients. With this payment solution, you can do business at any time of the day, anywhere you are. This secure card reader helps process swiped transactions as your customers sign in through their respective mobile devices to make payments. From there, they can choose to print the receipt or have it emailed to them.

Why choose Converge Mobile Card Reader for your business?

Converge Mobile Card Reader offers you the following benefits:

  • Process transactions on the go like never before
  • Capture customer data while you are on the road and have the option to key-enter it later on into Converge Mobile
  • Save time and money as you endeavor to improve your customers’ sales experience
  • Love it most especially during peak sale seasons
  • Get a new payment terminal without additional expenses
  • Capture and eventually store transaction information from the Address to the Invoice Number to the Purchase description to give you a better insight of the sales transaction

Enjoy top notch security with the Converge Mobile Card Reader

Security at your fingertips is what best describes Converge Mobile Card Readers. This is all thanks to the following features:

  • Use of secure data center
  • Encryption technology to assure your customers that any information they have keyed-in to the system are secured from the time of swiping up to approval
  • Control over which mobile devices can be used to submit transactions

If you want to know more about our Converge Mobile Card Reader, you can call or email us today. Business owners in the Tri-State area can also request for a local product demonstration to see the Converge Mobile Card Reader in action.