Virtual Merchant Mobile

Online retailers in every niche and of all sizes require a comprehensive payment platform that can be adapted to specific requirements with ease. Nationwide Merchant Solutions understands this fact and we are collaborating with numerous professional providers to bring our customers only the best and safest options.

Virtual Merchant, which recently became Converge, is one of our most trusted brand partners in the online payment industry. The ability to perform a wide array of tasks and to permit end users to customize the payment platform highly recommends Converge as a worthwhile option to explore. In terms of mobile payment, this brand brings us Virtual Merchant Mobile, now known as Converge Mobile, which is an intuitive app that can take payments on the go from iPhone as well as Android devices.

The app can accommodate storefronts

Brick and mortar retailers and businesses in the service industry also stand to benefit from implementing the Converge Mobile solution. The platform can be linked to a wide range of hardware peripherals including card readers, pin pads, contactless payment devices, etc. In addition, it also permits payments via:

  • Electronic benefit transfer
  • Electronic checks
  • Electronic gift cards
  • Cash

We firmly believe that Converge Mobile represents the ideal solution for:

  • Outlets
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hotels
  • Auto repair shops
  • Dealerships

Aggregate all transactions in a single platform

The nature of the application and the platform that supports it work in tandem to enable big and small retail as well as service industry providers to congregate the entire set of payments from customers and partners. All company operations and transactions are therefore cumulated and kept safe from malicious third parties.

The layer of security provided by Converge Mobile absolves retailers from potential liabilities in the event when customer financial details are stolen and utilized for illicit purposes. Optimal encryption and tokenization protocols are what render the systems virtually impregnable.

Customizable displays and comprehensive permissions

Retailers with a limited number of employees rarely have to concern themselves with the number of accounts a platform can sustain, but once there are in excess of 100 people working for the company, the situation changes radically.

Converge sets a new standard in this sense, by enabling users to set up 5,000 accounts, each with a different, customizable set of permissions and access to data. It is therefore easier than ever to ensure that low-level employees or company interns are still able to do their job, but without being forced to grant them entry to sensitive files.

The payment screens are also modifiable by the end user. You are able to adjust them in accordance to the standards of your specific niche, in order to render them more appealing to your own customers. To find out more about the Converge solutions, you can request for a live demonstration from Nationwide Merchant Solutions if you are located in the Tri-State area. Call or email us today for further details!