Commerce Mobilpay Card Reader

Commerce Mobilpay, an integral part of the highly rated services offered by Nationwide Merchant Solutions, provides clients with a distinct approach to mobile payments.

This option offers the ability to pay for items or services acquisitioned online by leveraging the potential of mobile networking service providers via Short Messaging Services (SMS).

Commerce Mobilpay addresses customers who are undecided about credit card payments

The new and innovative method of payment made available by Nationwide Merchant Solutions confers your customers an alternative to traditional paperback or credit card transactions. Commerce Mobilpay addresses those who are interested in a secure and effective means of utilizing internet banking accounts.

Money transfers are performed via SMS from the account of the buyer to the merchant account and it’s already becoming very popular among utility providers because it helps them track orders. The shipment process is also accelerated and facilitated by the automated imbursements, which also translates into substantially lower delivery times.

How Commerce Mobilpay works

The modus operandi behind Commerce Mobilpay systems is essentially quite simple, and it’s twofold: online and offline.

The offline mode entails that:

  • The client sends a codeword via SMS to a specially allocated number
  • The client receives in return an automated response via SMS featuring a generated digit/letter sequence
  • The client inputs the sequence on the retailers code and the bank performs the payment from his account

The online mode steps are:

  • The client is redirected to the merchant’s website, more exactly the payment landing page
  • Commerce Mobilpay establishes a channel of communication with the network provider
  • The network provider confirms the payment and the client is redirected to the merchant’s website
  • Commerce Mobilpay withdraws the cost of the transaction plus the commission stipulated in the contract

Using Commerce Mobilpay services benefits both clients and retailers

The number of people already utilizing mobile network providers as their primary means of communication entails that introducing the ability to pay for products or services in this manner taps into an already established market comprised of a huge audience. Mobile owners outnumber credit card owners by a large margin in every country.

Both starting and popular businesses are able to benefit from the exposure to a larger segment of the population by implementing SMS payments with minimal starting costs. Cost flexibility is a welcomed bonus. Buyers gain the advantage of being notified immediately regarding the status of the transaction, the value charged and the state of the shipment, which is a powerful incentive for purchasing online.

Talk to us today and learn more about the benefits of using Commerce Mobilpay as part of your checkout options for your business. If you are in the Tri-State area, Nationwide Merchant Solutions will be able to provide a live demonstration of Commerce Mobilpay locally.