Android Credit Card Reader

If you are thinking of ways on how you can improve your payment services without compromising the security of your customers, you can tap on the power of mobile payment solutions that come at affordable prices these days. We at Nationwide Merchant Solutions have different products under the mobile payment category, one of which is the immensely well-received Android Credit Card Reader. Due to the booming popularity of smartphones and Android as an operating system, this payment accessory makes for a highly convenient and highly accessible mobile POS solution.

What are your options for Android Credit Card Readers?

Many of the Android Credit Card Readers today combine the hardware reader with a corresponding payment processing app to make paying over an Android device a whole lot easier for your clients while helping you to increase your sales too. Note that some come with hardware readers only. There is also a category of Android Credit Card Readers that come as mobile-oriented operating systems with a free payment processing app, a free reader and a wide array of transaction-pricing structures.

How the Android Credit Card Reader adds value to your business operations

No matter how varied Android Credit Card Readers are in terms of how they are offered by a certain brand, they have specific features that make them stand out. Some of the features you can find in Android Credit Card Readers include:

  • The ability to record cash transactions apart from credit card transactions. You can make use of these if you want a fully functional mobile POS solution
  • The ability to help you manage your transactions online whether you are punching data through the card reader or through manual means
  • The ability to process a transaction without depending on Internet connection all the time. This assures that there is no downtime in your payment system and you can focus on growing your business

The art of security in Android Credit Card Readers

Data breaches are not uncommon with credit card transactions. Some payment solutions are not always as secure as you and your clients want them to be. With our Android Credit Card Reader, you are guaranteed that every transaction is secure and protected with the following features:

  • Magnetic data encryption and other encryption schemes
  • Password protection
  • Tokenization, PC-compliant technology and P2PE
  • Electronic signature verification to make sure that you are transacting with the cardholder and not anyone else

Android Credit Card Readers have provided Android device users with easy and convenient mobile payment solutions. The integration of our highly adaptable and reliable Android Credit Card Reader into your POS systems can make for optimized business protection and flexibility. If you want to see how such a product can work at your Point of Purchase (POP), call Nationwide Merchant Solutions today and let us do a live demonstration for you free (only for clients situated within the Tri-State area).