Apple Pay Reader

Apple Pay enables iOS device users to easily conduct mobile transactions make credit and debit card payments without taking out their wallet ever again. The application is able to eliminate the need to flash the card out or swipe the physical version of the credit cards through magnetic stripe readers.

NFC is the emerging trend of storefront payments

Near Field Communications or NFC constitute the rising trend in contactless mobile payments and it’s built into the latest generation of smartphones, like the iPhone 6. The antenna of the mobile device syncs with the readers and all users need to do is keep the two in proximity with the finger placed on the Touch ID.

For storefront payments, turning on the display or opening the Apple Pay app is not required, and upon completing the transaction, you will receive a haptic feedback in the form of vibration. The iPhone 6 therefore now performs even more functions than before, and unless you shop at cash-only storefronts, you don’t even have to bring your wallet.

In addition to storefront payments, the application enables users to shop online and pay for your purchases with the credit and debit cards registered.

The contact and financial details of users remain private

There is no reason to be concerned regarding the safety of your debit/credit card information because the string of digits is never utilized in its original form at any point of the transactions. The credit card details are either introduced manually in the Passbook or via the iSight camera; Apple also assigns unique Device Account Numbers (DAN).

The assigned DAN undergoes an encryption process and is kept on the dedicated chip of the Apple device. DAN is utilized in conjunction with a dynamically generated transaction code to process payments, which entails that your debit/credit card information is never actually required.

Latest transaction details are stored on your Apple device’s Passbook, but never go on Apple’s cloud servers. There is, consequentially, no risk of data becoming readily available to malicious third parties or ending up in the databases of marketing departments.

The unfortunate event when the iPhone is lost or stolen can be mitigated by logging into Find My iPhone and wiping the memory or setting it on Lost Mode. That is all it takes to ensure that the Apple Pay app’s privileges are suspended and that your account’s details aren’t compromised.

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