First Data Mobile Pay Solutions

On-the-go businesses cannot afford not to provide their customers with a simple, efficient and secure form payment solution today. Cash only payments are rapidly losing ground in an industry oriented towards online and credit card transactions, due to the convenience and security of the latter, not to mention the incentives offered by major issuers.

Certain categories of users on the other hand aren’t able to utilize a standalone Point of Sale (POS) hardware compliant with various categories of cards and checks, for cost or logistic prohibitive reasons. For example:

  • Contractors
  • Limo and taxi drivers
  • Towing services
  • Interior decor and landscaping artists
  • Caterers
  • Auctioneers and event planners

A better solution comprises of leveraging the resources of devices everyone uses and carries around on a daily basis, the next gen mobile smartphones and tablets. The First Data Mobile Pay is just the perfect service to help you do that!

The app functions on both iOS and Android phones/tablets

FD Mobile Pay can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes, depending on the category of mobile communication device you own.

It can be utilized to manually input the digit string of the credit or debit card, but you also have the option of pairing the device with a peripheral swipe-based card reader for faster operations and to avoid ‘no card present’ processing taxes. The latter option however requires an initial investment in the peripheral.

Data plans or a wireless connection represent the single prerequisites of employing the FD Mobile Pay app to conduct transactions. Once the payment is made, the application automatically generates an electronic receipt that can be mailed to the client.

Other features that recommend the First Data Mobile Pay app

FD’s application has a few more tricks up its sleeve in addition to credit card processing, including but not limited to:

  • Ultra secure SSL encryption protocols maintain the credit card details safe
  • Logging into the application requires passwords
  • It comes equipped with anti-fraud features
  • The admin can set varying levels of access for users
  • Tips and sales tax prompting
  • Compatibility with all major credit cards as well as mobile communication devices
  • Clear and intuitive interface requiring basic knowhow
  • Capable of storing inventory lists
  • Cash purchases can also be tracked

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we know that our customers prefer to see the product and service they’re interested in firsthand, and that’s why we’re offering retailers in the Tri-State area the first row seats to live demonstration of the FD Mobile Pay and other solutions. Contact us today and find out more!