Payware Mobile E230 Card Reader

The dynamic and rewarding interaction between customer and retailer is what drives business in both online and offline storefronts. Shopping online is however, often preferred to brick and mortar storefronts due to the convenience and speed of the transactions.

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we know that for an offline retailer to remain competitive in the constantly changing business environment, providing the same levels of convenience as well as worthwhile incentives is crucial. That is why we’re proud to bring you a number of effective complementary mobile payment options, like Verifone’s Payware Mobile E230.

Payware Mobile E230 brings the cash register to the customer

This ergonomic mobile payment solution takes the form of a hardware accessory for the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet that attaches seamlessly to the back of the tablet. The E230 model is equipped with a magnetic stripe card reader as well as a barcode scanner.

The two features enable retailers to directly engage customers within the store and allow them to select and purchase a product. Bringing the cash register directly to the buyers instead of forcing them to wait behind others at a register definitely speeds up waiting times and improves customer satisfaction.

At the same time, the Payware Mobile E230 we offer is able to:

  • Increase the number of customers serviced at any given time
  • Promote environmentally sound practices by switching from paperback receipt to an electronic version
  • Help drive sales by offering additional information to undecided buyers

The Payware Mobile E230 is innovatively designed and reliable

An excellent addition to the already existing Point Of Sales (POS) system of any retailer, the E230 functions on the Windows operating system. It is therefore compatible with the standard PC platform behind most POS systems.

The magnetic stripe reader features LED lighting and the barcode scanner (1D and 2D) is equipped with a set of ergonomically designed buttons, that promote ease of use and customizability. The sleek profile enables retailers to utilize the Verifone Payware Mobile E230 either as a handheld device or on a mount.

Performance and security define the Payware Mobile E230

The proprietary VeriShield Total Protect in conjunction with the RSA’s tokenization system guarantee that the data and the accounts of both the retailer and the customer are 100% secure during the transaction.

The Application Programming Interface (API) is intuitive and easy to work with, which promotes the development of numerous customer-oriented apps. The E230 runs on the Windows 8 OS interface or it can be set to operate in compatibility mode, via the USB connected driver.

To test drive the Payware Mobile E230 yourself, Nationwide Merchant Solutions offers a live demonstration to showcase the performance and features of this device for retailers based in the Tri-State area. Interested retailers can contact us today and find out more!