iDynamo Credit Card Reader

Retailers who utilize Apple products as an integral component of their operations are able to leverage the processing power of iOS devices in conducting mobile transactions via the iDynamo SCCR.

The iDynamo constitutes a complementary accessory for virtually every iOS device and, in conjunction with the QwickPAY app, enables users to conduct 100% safe credit card transactions on the spot, among other things. iDynamo can be paired with:

  • iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad

The pairing is done via the 30-pin port of the supported Apple mobile communication device, which also features a mini-USB port enabling users to sync or charge while it is on. iDynamo’s dual part design incorporates a stabilizer that fastens the peripheral to the iOS device.

The accessory meets and exceeds PCI SSD requirements

Nationwide Merchant Solutions is proud to offer mobile retailer customers this unique way of conducting credit card transactions that comes with absolutely no risk of fraud. MagTek’s innovative system of encryption transgresses the security paradigm and performs the encryption of data in the proximity of iDynamo’s magnetic stripe reading component.

The data string read when you swipe a credit card is instantaneously ‘tokenized’ – transformed into a string of randomized digits – that presents no value for anyone trying to hack the account. It becomes virtually impossible to obtain sensitive data at any point of the transaction, rendering the payment via iDynamo as secure as possible.

The MagneSafe constitutes the secondary level of protection imbedded in the peripheral’s technology. MagnePrint verifies in real time the legitimacy of the credit card being swiped based on its unique magnetic signature, which is only similar to others in less than 1 in 100,000,000 of cases.

Convenience features are also part of the peripheral’s product description

On the physical level, the MagTek’s iDynamo permits users to swipe the card in both directions – left to right and right to left – as it’s equally adept at performing accurate readings in either case. The reader is compliant with the following types of payment options:

  • ANSI cards
  • ISO cards
  • AAMVA cards
  • Custom formats

Software wise, the QwikPAY application is capable of performing several other tasks in conjunction with completing transactions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Calculate the sales tax automatically
  • Prompt buyers for tips (optional)
  • Register electronic signatures via the touch screen
  • Save photos of products/buyers required to settle a claim later on

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we always put our money (both cash and plastic if you are wondering) where our mouth is. That is why we’re inviting all retailers in the Tri-State area to witness the capabilities of the iDynamo, as well as other mobile payment solutions we offer, with one of our live demonstrations conducted locally for you.