Payware Mobile E210 Card Reader

Retailers searching for a way to upgrade and improve their current Point of Sale (POS) systems are no longer required to make huge investments in all new hardware equipment. Nationwide Merchant Solutions is proud to present a unique and powerful alternative in the form of the Payware Mobile E210.

The Payware Mobile E210 from Verifone constitutes a pairing accessory for the iPod Touch, transforming the gadget into a standalone, mobile POS. The device virtually eliminates issues like lengthy checkout lines that often drive undecided buyers out of the store.

Security features for the Payware Mobile E210

Account and data safety always represents a major concern for customers who primarily utilize credit cards to complete transactions. Verifone eliminates potential security threats to both retailers and clients, thanks to the:

  • VeriShield Total Protect 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Tamper Resistant Security Module
  • Level 2 EMV Tokenization

In addition to the actual protection of the credit card information in itself, the device is capable of reducing the investment in PCI security standard compliance. The Payware Mobile E210 also constitutes an extra guarantee against liability lawsuits in the event when customer data or finances are stolen by third parties.

Versatility in terms of payment options

A critical feature of mobile point of sales comprises of the ability to accommodate the customers’ preferred method of payment. The E210 excels in this sense, and it’s capable of completing transactions via the following:

  • Magnetic stripe credit/debit cards
  • EMV chip and pin credit/debit cards
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)

The extensive list of supported payment methods is complemented by the functional 1D and 2D barcode scanner that permits quickly bringing up a product’s specifications. The barcode scanner allows retailers to detail the full list of features on an item in the inventory to help undecided customers make up their mind, and ultimately close the sale.

Mobility is another key factor that adds to the versatility of the Payware Mobile E210, in the sense that implementing it in the existing POS eliminates the requirement for adding a large number of fixed registers. The space freed up can be utilized by the retailers in any way they see fit, including popular product displays or a sitting area.

Wow the customers with your state of the art technology

Nationwide Merchant Solutions knows that nothing makes you appear more professional in the eyes of your audience than employing the latest technology in your operations. It shows that you have invested a great deal of effort to implement effective solutions that simplify the transaction process for the customer!

Tri-State area business owners have a chance to see the Payware Mobile E210 in action, on request, as Nationwide Merchant Solutions is happy to provide a live demonstration locally today for you. Call or email us for further details.