Do You Know Why It’s A Good Time To Update Your Cash Register To A Point-of-Sale System?

Do You Know Why It’s A Good Time To Update Your Cash Register To A Point-of-Sale System?

When early versions of POS systems became popular, it easily cost thousands of dollars – just to get software and hardware for a few registers. If have ever contemplated switching your POS system, you might have thought of it because you were stuck with inferior hardware or wasted money. For those reasons, there are businesses that stuck with traditional cash registers instead.

But those mentioned problems no longer affect businesses today. POS systems have undergone extensive improvements and they are actually much cheaper now and can even come with month-to-month plans that utilize hardware you already own (such as iPad or Android tablets). If you still own a cash register, now is a great time to make the change and here are some reasons why:

Provide your business with the right tools for growth and expansion

That’s right. These systems allow you to tailor what you need for your business’s expansion and growth. For instance, you may own a retail business and plan to sell your products online. By getting a Point-of-Sale system, it can be seamlessly integrate with a superior ecommerce solution and you can start selling in-store and online on a single platform. Also there is multi-store functionality which means you can manage and run franchise store businesses from one computer! You’ll also be able to view inventory counts individually for each store, transfer inventory in-between stores and generate a plethora of business reports.

Streamline your payroll, scheduling and employee management tasks

The amount of employee management features varies from one POS solution to another, but do not fret as most basic systems allow owners to set multiple user permissions. This prevents individuals, who are on employee level, from performing manager functions without prior authorization. The more advanced systems you get, you will receive more extra employee management tools. With these tools, you can time and track your employee working hours and import these data into your payroll software. Do note that some POS systems have built-in payroll software – which is an added bonus!

That’s not all, you can also calculate labor cost and create employee schedules with ease. You can even send your employee automated reminders about their shifts or allow them to switch shifts with another employee. So instead of spending too much money and time on generic employee management resources just opt for a POS system that will be more organized and manages your employees in the fastest and most efficient way.

Reduce inventory waste and saves your business more money

Some businesses can lose up to thousands of dollars annually due to inventory shrink or waste. That being said, some businesses (or small ones especially) still don’t do well enough to eliminate the problem. That is when a POS system comes in. It has much more accurate inventory management and count tools to isolate problematic products can take the right action based on that data.

Additionally, if you run a club that includes the sale of an easily perishable inventory, you can benefit a lot from a POS inventory management software that helps you tweak your purchase ordering as well as track monthly usage.