Mobile Payment Donation Solutions For Your Church

Mobile Payment Donation Solutions For Your Church

Whether it is the weekly offerings or money from an ongoing capital campaign, donations are the lifeblood that drives the majority of the churches around this country. Surprisingly, the way these donations are collected has remained the same for decades, technology and society changes notwithstanding.

New mobile payment solutions fortunately today have emerged that have changed the way donations are accepted by the churches and for a good reason. These payment options are secure, faster and can be done in the comfort of your home or office as need be.

How can a church get the most out of its mobile payment solution? Well, how the mobile payment solution is set up plays a crucial role in the success or failure in a fundraising effort for a given church. Here are a number of simple tips that can help a church to increase or maximize its mobile donations:

Making the house of worship Wi-Fi compliant

Though the today’s cellular networks are more than sufficient when it comes to handling credit card payments and processing, they are not always 100% reliable. To counter this issue, ensure the house of worship is internet-ready by having a consistent and stable Wi-Fi link at all times. This combined with the normal cellular networks can make donations to flow in a better manner as chances of failure are greatly reduced within and outside the church organization.

Announcing the availability

A very important but often overlooked step is to announce that the church is now offering mobile payment processing in addition to the other collection systems already in place. Simply put, announce the availability of a mobile payment option for a more enhanced donation collection within and outside the church.

Making sure the mobile payment system seamlessly integrate with other existing online technologies

Although the available mobile payment solutions are a standalone options, you can seamlessly integrate your system with the existing technologies for better results.

Making accounting simpler and easier for all

Mobile credit card payment solutions are great for both the church and its members for one major reason. By making the accounting automatic, everyone concerned is able to fast track charitable donations and receipts for tax reasons.

Accepting debit cards

Most churches are uncomfortable about over relying on credit cards as a way of collecting donations, in particular during troubled financial times. To counter this problem, churches have started accepting debit cards as an ideal way or method of donation collection.

Setting up a recurring payment option

By setting up a recurring billing option, congregates are able to send their donations even when they are not physically present to do so. New donations in this case come in automatically even when the parishioners are way for any number of reasons.

Making security a main concern

Mobile payment solutions are some of the most secure payment options around the world. Nevertheless, data breaches do occur from time to time. This being the case, you will want to give your parishioners peace of mind by using an industry standard security compliant mobile payment solution.