How To Set Up Wireless Payment Terminals

How To Set Up Wireless Payment Terminals

Merchant services allow both small and big businesses to process mass payments in their day to day operations. Despite the fact that most processing service providers offer similar services, the wireless payment terminal option can easily set your business apart and help you scale competition. It doesn’t matter the industry you choose to focus on. The flexibility and freedom that comes along with wireless payment terminals is worth every penny. It creates the kind of convenience that makes it easy for customers to want to use your services or buy goods from you over and over. Read on to learn more about the concept and what it takes to set it up.

Why Go Wireless?

Wireless payment terminals allow business owners to take the transaction directly to their customers without the restriction of plugs, wires and base docks. They are also designed to handle several different payment methods like chip and pin, contactless transactions like NFC technologies and even the traditional old school magnetic strip swipe. In simple terms, wireless means customers can pay for their purchases without queuing at the cash register.

Wireless Vs. Wired

Wireless does not just deliver significant revenue streams. It also guarantees businesses faster and reliable customer service. This is sometimes all you need to stay competitive. That explains why many major retailers and even restaurants offer wireless check out. The comfort factor is simply huge here. It is all about bringing the transaction to the customer as opposed to the customer bringing the transaction to you by queuing at the register.

The Set Up

The ‘one size fits all’ approach does not augur well with wireless payment terminals. Different industries call for different needs. That explains why there are long range and short range mobile wireless POS solutions. Short range solutions are ideal for tradespeople and even taxi services as they need a point of payment on the go. Long range on the other hand come in handy for restaurants as well as food service businesses.  Your provider should be able to advise you accordingly on what fits your businesses.

Note that without a reliable wireless payment terminal, your profit margins will most likely be limited to cash only transactions. This means missing out on a huge client base who prefer going the wireless route. If they have to leave your business premise to find an ATM, they may likely head out and walk straight into the arms of your competitor.

Point To Note

Whatever you do, always settle for a provider with reliable customer support. You may experience downtimes or technical hitches, which should not last for long if your provider offers timely support. You may also have to ensure you have superior 4G connections as well as devices that can turn points of sale into points of service capable running interactive business applications like dynamic currency conversion. Everything boils down to efficiency. Your customers expect it on your part as much as you expect it from your wireless payment terminal service provider.