The Best POS Systems To Watch Out For In 2023

The Best POS Systems To Watch Out For In 2023

The new year means moving forward, even for small businesses. Now is the right time to think about what you can do to make your business grow. In the world of those using POS systems to help with managing their daily transactions, it will help to know which are the best ones to watch out for. Note that the more modern systems are those that combine software and hardware with card readers, cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners. We are listing the best POS systems to look forward to for this year.

POS System with the Best Hardware Option – Clover

Clover is the most ideal POS option for those with e-commerce businesses. The brand carries a great combination of hardware and software options, and while it is known for its various payment options, it is also loved as an all-in-one POS solution. It is easy to set up and that makes it convenient to use as well. The hardware is ready as soon as you take it out of the box. It has versions like the Clover Mini, one that can be easily integrated into your small business, and Clover Go which is ideal for those looking for a highly versatile POS to process payments. 

POS System that Is Best for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses – Square

For those with brick-and-mortar businesses, Square offers great features and affordable chip readers to begin with. It even comes with a free payment plan, and while it is a dependable partner for retail businesses and restaurants, it is also recommended for service-based industries. It is not compatible with third-party payment processors, though.

POS System that Is Best for Retail – Lightspeed

The reason why Lightspeed is best for retail is the fact that it comes with retail-specific features, like customer relationship and inventory management. With its acquisition of the ShopKeep e-commerce platform in 2020, more retailers are allowed to sell their goods online. This brings the brand a whole new level of expansion in the world of e-commerce. While it tries to speed up its pace, it only supports a few third-payment processors at the moment.

POS System that Is Best for Restaurants – Toast

Toast has various software setups offered for restaurants of all sizes, so whether you are a small mom-and-pop restaurant, or you cater to a larger market, this POS system will be a good choice for you. This all-in-one platform allows you to manage your restaurant without much of a hassle. This one also has features like employee scheduling, marketing, and online ordering. Be ready to sign a long-term contract when choosing this system.

POS System for the Best Guest Experience – TouchBistro

This POS system offers a complete suite of software features that is beneficial for restaurant businesses. It also provides support for third-party hardware like cash drawers and barcode scanners. Features are customizable to your needs, so whether you want gift card functions, loyalty programs, online ordering, or online reservations included for your setup, TouchBistro will be ready to integrate them for you.

These are but some of the names to remember for your POS system needs this 2023. Although there are many more to discover, you are at a good place to start with our list of the best systems.