What’s In Store For eCommerce Technology in 2018?

What’s In Store For eCommerce Technology in 2018?

Another year is about to end and as the seasons change, it is best to look forward and to see how to improve the eCommerce business in the coming year. New technologies will surely create an impact in your business and if you want to be updated, you have to be familiar with what’s in store for eCommerce technology in 2018.

eCommerce on Smartphone

In the US alone, there are approximately 125 million consumers who are making use of smartphones. Within those numbers, about 62% smartphone users made a purchase online through their mobile device over the past 6 months. That equates to more than 77 million mobile phone users. There are still a lot of desktop users making purchases online through their devices though but with the convenience the use of mobile devices brings, it will not take long until it will dominate the world of eCommerce.

Mobile Apps Will Continue to Dominate

Mobile optimization is an obvious concern for eCommerce businesses in the future. But this will no longer be enough. It is important to integrate mobile wallet functionality to your business. In this regard, it pays to update your mobile payment solutions as well. You can also launch a mobile app that your consumers can use with much ease. You should take note that when consumers make use of their mobile phones to shop for products and services online, they understand the security and benefits offered by a mobile payment solution.

Online Personalized Subscription Services Will Create Stable Revenue Streams

Subscription services have been one of the most dominant forces when it comes to driving revenues for big names in the eCommerce world. Think of Netflix and Amazon Prime as perfect examples. Trends along this line will take things a notch higher where you can reach out to your consumers on a more personal note. You can bring your products or services to your customers without them needing to leave the house to come and visit your store. Analyze trends and know what your loyal patrons need through these services.

Product Customization Will Be Crucial

Another trend your business should watch out for in the eCommerce world is product customization. This can be integrated with your subscription-based services and can be customized according to the current needs of consumers. In the case of Spotify, for example, they have weekly recommended playlists customized according to the songs or artists that users basically love listening to. Every time a user makes use of the service, the product will be customized to his favorites.

Product Visualization Will Improve on the eCommerce Website

Gone were the days when images were small and can be hardly viewed online. In the coming year, this will totally change since virtual reality will already make its way for better visualization of products and services. With this change it will not just be easy to see what is in store for the consumer. It will be easier to learn more about the product by maximizing customer experience while shopping online.

These trends will definitely be a great way to welcome eCommerce technology in 2018. Think of great merchant services that you can integrate with these changes and surely your business will be a hit to consumers.