How Do You Accept Apple Pay At Your Store?

How Do You Accept Apple Pay At Your Store?

Growing companies need to find ways to enable them stay ahead of their competitors and create a wider market. One of the keys to achieving this is by getting a payment system that is simple, quick and secure. Apple Pay has the technology to help small businesses offer effective mobile payment solutions to their customers. This payment solution ensures security to both the customers and the business owner by offering a safe payment platform. Let’s learn more about Apple Pay and how to accept it.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay uses a technology known as near field communication (NFC) which enables two devices to communicate to each other when held together. Apple Pay is now available on Apple Watch, IPhone 6, IPhone7, IPhone 6 Plus, and IPhone 7 Plus.

Why Accept Apple Pay?

There are two main reasons why as a business owner you should accept Apple Pay as a form of mobile payment at your business namely: security and speed.

Apple Pay is known to process payments faster than the chip cards and magnetic-stripe cards. This means you don’t get to hold your customers for long in line to process their payments. This in turn improves customer satisfaction. In case of a rush hour, Apple Pay will ensure that you process your payment fast which means customers will not get impatient and move to other stores. In other words, you get to serve more customers in a short time increasing your business revenues.

Unlike normal payments that require card data, Apple Pay requires fingerprint verification which makes it hard for fraudsters to access your Apple Pay Account. Customers don’t have to carry around cash to pay for items and if your store has Apple Pay they find that more convenient than having to fumble around for change to pay for items and services. As a business owner, accepting Apple Pay reduces the amount of cash you have in the store which reduces the risks involved in case of a robbery.

How To Train Your Staff To Use Apple Pay

Before you introduce Apple Pay at your business, ensure that you train your employees on how to use it. The more knowledgeable they are about Apple Pay, the more likely they are to recommend these services to the customers. Apple Pay comes with a marketing kit which you can use to train your staff. The training sheet includes how your employees can help customers to set up their Apple Pay in their mobile devices. Place instruction stickers on how to use Apple Pay near the point of sale where employees can have easy access.

How To Accept Apple Pay At Your Business

You have to get a new payment terminal that is NFC-enabled which accepts contactless payments. Contact the payment provider and alert them that you would like to accept Apple Pay and they will set up your terminal. Set your Apple Pay reader facing customers to allow them easy access. To make payments, customers will have to hold their devices near the reader. They will then need to verify by using their ID or fingerprint to complete the transaction.