Customer Rewards

Do you know that loyal customers often spend more at your store, are less likely to be attracted by your competitors and can even act as the best ambassadors for your business?

Nationwide Merchant Solutions provides you with business solutions that can help you offer innovative customer rewards, specially designed to increase your customer base and promote loyalty.

The importance of customer rewards to trigger engagement

In any business, returning customers are always welcome and the reason why they come back to you is that they are engaged in what you are offering. Engaged customers are vital to any growing business and will support the new products and services you offer.

Engagement translates into repeated visits and more sales while you reduce the amount of money spent on marketing. The savings can afterward be used to load dollars into your customers’ cards. With each purchase they make with the card, they are helping you further reduce the operating costs associated with payment processing.

What can a successful program offering customer rewards do for you?

If you embark on an effective customer reward program for your business, you will be able to:

  • Turn ordinary customers into loyal customers
  • Increase the frequency of the visits made by customers
  • Increase the amount of spending made by customers

Why choose us as your customer reward program provider?

Our solutions provide you with a reward-based marketing program that drives customer engagement. In fact, our customer rewards solution can act as the engine that powers a strong loyalty program reflecting your brand and business. By choosing us as your provider, all you have to do is select the rewards you want to offer. In return, your business will gain these benefits:

  • A variety of tools that measure your program’s effectiveness
  • Analytics and reports that can help you make better decisions regarding your operations and type of rewards to offer
  • Guaranteed secure processing and a dedicated team ready to lend a hand
  • An easily integrated POS system that permits you to automatically inform customers about your offers
  • Less hassle for your customers who aren’t forced to resort to paper coupons or cards to sign up
  • Less nuisance, as your customers can see and redeem rewards at the checkout stage
  • Automatically tracking options for offers, rewards and loyalty points
  • A simple and intuitive program that can effectively help you transform buyers into loyal customers
  • A bundle of easy tools that can build brand awareness

By choosing to work with Nationwide Merchant Solutions, you gain the guarantee that you’ll be working with a service that shares your passion for business. Because we understand the importance of having satisfied customers in a highly competitive market, we supply our expertise and knowledge to help you retain your customers for your business.