PCI Compliant Processing Services

All merchants are required to comply with PCI DSS especially if they are accepting credit cards online. Your transactions will then be reliant upon whether you have complied with the PCI standards or not. Nationwide Merchant Solutions knows how hard it is for you to undergo the process, considering the time and effort that goes with it. That is why we offer PCI compliant processing services to remove the burden of intensive on-site data security assessment on your part.

How do PCI compliant processing services work?

PCI compliant processing services work to provide your business the PCI compliance that you need so that you can accept credit card transactions from your customers. You have to remember that though we do the bulk of the work since we handle the collection, processing then the eventual storage of the cardholder’s vital account information, you are still required to follow the necessary requirements for the certification process. You still have to go through a yearly assessment for certification but we guarantee that you will not need as much effort and spend as much cash as you will be doing if you choose to store and process the card data yourself.

Proof of compliance

What is required to prove your PCI compliance is ultimately up to your merchant or acquiring the bank. The key factors that can determine compliance include:

  • Once factors such as how many transactions you process yearly have been determined by your acquiring bank
  • When you give an updated scan of your systems through the help of an Approved Scanning Vendor (this should be performed on a quarterly basis)

The benefits of being PCI compliant

By taking measures to help your business achieve PCI DSS compliance, you can gain benefits in the following ways:

  • Building better customer relationships: When you comply with the PCI DSS framework standards, you are assuring your customers that you value security. This can help you gain new clients and help your current clients to stay loyal to your business because they know they can trust their personal payment card information with you.
  • Peace of mind: When you are PCI compliant, you know that you are following industry standards and this will put you at the lowest risk of encountering potential vulnerabilities in your payment systems.

If you are looking for help to alleviate the many difficulties of achieving PCI compliance, Nationwide Merchant Solutions is your perfect solution. We excel at providing affordable PCI compliant processing services because we have strong ties with banks, payment card brands and the regulatory authorities. Regardless of whether you need help with the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), or the vulnerability scanning (if applicable), you will receive invaluable assistance from us throughout the PCI compliance certification process. Call us or email us today to find out about our top-notch services!