Level 3 Processing System

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we understand that an unforgiving fiscal environment is forcing numerous retailers and service providers to constantly search for new ways to improve their profit margins while reducing expenditures. This is why you should find out about the Level 3 Processing System and how it can help merchants like you achieve both of the below-mentioned goals.

Level 3 Processing is ideal for B2B and B2G transactions

Today, the inefficiency of traditional paperback transactions as well as the higher associated costs per transaction is making room for the level 3 government and corporate credit cards. Commercial entities that frequently engage in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government sales should switch their credit card processing protocols to adopt a new set of details for the merchandise, including:

  • Name of the merchant
  • Value of the transaction
  • Date of the transaction
  • Postal code of the shipper
  • Postal code of the destination
  • The invoice and order numbers
  • The product’s item code, description and amount/quantity
  • Unit of measurement used to describe a product
  • Extended/Freight/Duty Amount

The customer entities that require these details in order to provide payment with Level 3 approved corporate credit cards comprise of facilities such as universities or colleges, governmental agencies, other companies, non-profit foundations and organizations, and etc.

Improve your profit margins by cutting down taxes

We estimate that updating your credit card processing system to one of our Level 3 solutions when you’re frequently handling B2B and B2G transactions are able to save up to 10% on the traditional processing fees. The mission of Nationwide Merchant Solutions is to help retailers maximize their profits by selecting the most effective solution and platform for their company.

Another huge advantage of bumping the processing system to Level 3 comprises of benefiting from reeling in corporate and governmental clients. The Level 3 processing permits them to pay less for your merchandise, which in turn means they have even more incentives to purchase from you. Developing a mutually beneficial business relationship with giants of various industries is extremely lucrative for big and small retailers.

Nationwide Merchant Solutions would love to partner up with your company and provide you with an effective means of growing your business. We will be more than happy to share with you the integration process of Level 3 Processing System into your operations. In addition, if you would like a live demonstration of our products and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a live demonstration session (only for the Tri-State area).