Virtual Terminal

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we understand the challenges that small businesses and corporations face when attempting to process payments while providing multiple payment channels for customers. We provide innovative virtual terminal solutions that allow you to account for all your payment-processing needs via a single source.

Virtual terminals come with multiple advantages for your business

As payment acceptance evolved over the years, so did the customer expectations. In fact, internet gateways are no longer exclusively used for accepting online retail payments from a website anymore. Advanced online processing systems are nowadays capable of:

  • Accessing batch and individual transaction entries
  • Providing reports about your audience and your business
  • Acting like a back-office product that enables you to manage gateway and audit transactions
  • Offering dashboards and history search for all your transactions
  • Reducing the effort required to make your payments PCI SSD compliant
  • Eliminating fees associated with traditional credit card payments

Because of these enhanced capabilities, virtual terminals can effectively help you maintain your brand image and promote your company as flexible and user-friendly. As they permit you to accept a vast array of web-based payments from a plethora of sources, they can assist small businesses in growing. For larger merchants, virtual terminals can eliminate several steps from the online payment process, resulting in fast transactions, industry-leading uptimes and thousands of satisfied customers.

Global Gateway e4

At Nationwide Merchant Solutions, we do our best to recommend payment processing solutions that are versatile, feature-rich and simple to use. Global Gateway e4 is among our favorite systems that fit this description. Its excellent functionality, along with the numerous options, allows you to optimize payments, reduce costs and decrease inefficiencies. By using this virtual terminal as your primary online payment processing solution, you can be certain that:

  • You are using a PCI SSD compliant system
  • You can collect sensitive info via customizable and secure checkout pages
  • You can reduce interchangeable fees associated with transactions
  • Your system provides support through purchase card level III
  • You gain payment platform independence
  • Your website can support multiple languages and currencies
  • You can connect your gateway directly to your app
  • Your customers will have a satisfactory purchase and checkout experience
  • You have control over potential fraud attempts

If you would like to learn more about Global Gateway e4 or other virtual terminals that we offer, feel free to contact us. Our amiable staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions and provide you with more information on virtual terminals.