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B2B Payment Processing

Due to the fact that the Business to Business (B2B) industry is growing fast these days, the requirements for payment processing are also evolving. That is why you need to form a partnership with a merchant services provider who truly knows the B2B industry inside out.

B2B Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions have been serving many clients in the B2B industry since 2006 and we know that B2B sellers have very different payment processing needs from the retailers or other consumer-based businesses. While credit card processing solutions are highly sought after by any new retail business, B2B businesses will be more interested in a POS system that focuses less on payments but more on inventory management.

How does your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

Every B2B business is different and therefore has unique business needs. No matter what kind of niche your B2B business is dealing with, Nationwide Merchant Solutions can offer you a wide selection of merchant services with the following benefits:

  • Complete control of inventory management
  • Easy management of receivables
  • Improvements in collection of payments
  • A better comprehension of the purchasing patterns
  • A noticeable improvement in your business’s purchasing performance
  • A viable system which enables you to monitor staff compliance
  • Assured meeting of partner agreements and needs
  • An improvement in the general flow of cash
  • An increase in the volume of sales
  • Customer retention and a more responsive client acquisition program

Our solutions can help your B2B business pay lesser processing fees

It is not a secret that B2B businesses might pay more for credit card processing. Even if two merchant account providers offer you the exact same rates and fees, you could be paying thousands of dollars more when you work with the party that does not have adequate B2B industry expertise.

If you have unfortunately chosen the wrong provider to work with, it is very likely that they have missed out on informing you to make sure that the Level 2 and Level 3 information are set up right to accompany each transaction. When those information requirements are not set up correctly, you will not receive the reduced B2B interchange rates, thereby costing you thousands of dollars.

We strongly believe that every B2B business deserves to receive the best merchant services so that they are given the chance to reach their business potential. If you would like to find out more about how our merchant solutions can give your business a helping hand, do call us today. We will also be able to conduct a live product demo if your business premises are located within the Tri-State area.