Legal Service Payment Processing

Nationwide Merchant Solutions offers customizable and robust Point of Sale (POS) systems and merchant services for the legal service industry. Designed for efficiency, our solutions provide a reliable and efficient way for attorneys, legal consultants, and law firms to collect different payment types from their clients in a secured manner.
Legal Service Payment Processing

How can your business benefit from our customizable solutions?

We understand that payment processing can be a daunting task in a law firm because the payment terms are often different from those running retail businesses. This is why we strive to offer a wide range of products, all of which are customizable, to help your manage payment processing better. The benefits enjoyed by law firms who adopt our innovative solutions include:

  • Automated transactions, thus allowing for better management of payments
  • Our platform is fully integrated thus all third gateway costs are eliminated hence the best rates for payment solutions
  • Connect all payments to your firm’s accounting software and practice management, thus automatic integration into the general ledger
  • Eliminate manual accounting practices, thus saving you and your staff more time and minimal errors
  • Get real time updates of your payments in one central place by viewing the reports section. You get access to bank statements, deposits and batches
  • Our innovative payment solution also offers integration with an environment that consolidates all payment activity into a single platform and monitors it throughout the day
  • PCI compliance, which helps minimize the risk of security breaches that in turn may result in compromising of PINS, magnetic stripe data and card codes and values
  • Enjoy the lowest rates for payment processing in the legal industry

We make business payment processing easy for law firms

Payment processing for law firms is a sophisticated and sometimes very complicated process. As most payments are made in a variety of ways include electronic debits and checks, there are a lot of challenges involved when it comes to establishment of payment plans, accepting ACH payments, routing transactions securely, tracking payments, as well as recharging clients’ credit cards. We ensure:

  • Establishment of payments for individual clients as well as run recurring payments easily
  • Industry-specific merchant account solutions
  • Reduction of bad debts and account receivable balances
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Auto-reconciliation of your financial data
  • Place funds directly into an operating or a trust account and keep you in-line with regulations

With our solutions, you can now accept, manage and analyze payments that involve credit cards, ACH and checks in your law firm. Because we have taken care of the heavy legwork, you can have more time to focus on your core business. Nationwide Merchant Solutions will be happy to conduct a live product demo session at your business premises if your practice is situated within the Tri-State area. Call us to find  out more!